Mission Statement

The mission of the President's Office DEIA Team is to promote inclusion, equity, and respect for all of those who work for and engage with the university, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, citizenship status, age, disability, genetic information and any other characteristic or status. The DEIA Team will work to build a stronger and more inclusive university community by providing information, sharing resources and best practices, and facilitating conversations around issues related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.


  • Develop and promote awareness around Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility across UMSO. 
  • Foster a deep commitment to a safe and inclusive environment at UMSO for everyone. 
  • Enhance HR processes to attract, develop, and retain a more diverse workforce.
  • Reinforce best practices around current and future DEIA initiatives at the university.

President's Office DEIA Team

  • Kristina England (University Information Technology Services)
  • Débora D. Ferreira (Office of the General Counsel)
  • Maria McKinney (Unified Procurement Services Team)
  • Meeta Gill (Internal Audit)
  • Brian Girard (Unified Procurement Services Team)
  • Mike Greer (Innovation and Operational Services)
  • Preethi Lodha (Academic Affairs, Student Affairs & Equity)
  • Sara MacKenzie (Budget Office)
  • Akshit Mehta (Unified Procurement Services Team)
  • Christine Packard (Enterprise Risk Management)
  • Amy Ryan (Management & Fiscal Affairs)
  • Ben Sweeney (University Controller)
  • Chanda Wolf (Executive Office/Office of the General Counsel)

DEIA Communications Sub-Group

  • JoAnn Conley (Communications)
  • Kristina England (UITS)
  • Jacquie Kittler (HR)
  • Vanita Chawla (UITS)
  • Yara Hentz (UITS)
  • Sara MacKenzie (Budget Office)
  • Christine Packard (Risk Management)
  • Shawn Skelly (UITS)
  • Jacob Sturtz (Innovation and Operations)
  • Chanda Wolf (Executive Office/Office of the General Counsel)

Contribute to DEIA efforts through the DEIA Volunteer Program

All President's Office employees who are interested in supporting President's Office DEIA efforts are invited to join our volunteer program. This program will allow you to make meaningful contributions towards key DEIA initiatives throughout the year in a number of different ways. Employees can participate regularly or on an ad hoc basis, according to their own schedule. If you are interested in participating in the volunteer program, please take a moment and fill out our DEIA Program Volunteer Form (login required).