As a part of the University's "go green" initiative, and efficiency and effectiveness efforts, the University will no longer be producing paper paychecks and/or printed pay advices. This change will go into effect for the first paycheck of Calendar year 2017 - paycheck dated January 13, 2017. In preparation for the transition to paperless payroll distribution, the University is requiring the use of electronic deposit by all University employees, including student employees. Effective immediately, UMass employees have two available options: direct deposit; or, as an alternative to direct deposit, a paycard.

Direct Deposit

To have your bi-weekly pay direct deposited into your personal bank account(s) with a financial institution of your choice, please contact your campus payroll office.


For those employees who would prefer not to utilize direct deposit, you now have the option of receiving your bi-weekly pay through a Visa paycard through Global Cash Card.
Detailed Information about the paycard program (including the enrollment form, terms & conditions, fees and FAQs), can found below.