Exit Interviews

Whether you are leaving as a result of an exciting opportunity, or your circumstances are involuntary, we have developed an exit interview process, designed to gather information about the reason(s) for a person’s departure and to provide an employee a forum to share feedback about the work environment, culture, processes and systems, management and professional development opportunities.

It is our hope that the information obtained through an exit interview or questionnaire may be helpful to the employee so that concerns can be addressed, transition details can be carefully reviewed and improvements can be implemented — as a growth opportunity for the employee, and by the office or department through employee feedback.

The designated human resources representative will contact the employee in writing, inviting him/her to attend an exit interview at a mutually convenient time.  The exit interview should take place as soon as possible after the Office of Human Resources has received the confirmed departure date.  The employee will be asked a standard set of questions and given a chance to discuss any concerns they feel would be beneficial for the University to know about their employment experience at the President’s Office.  If an employee chooses not to participate in an exit interview, he/she will be encouraged to complete an Exit Interview Questionnaire.

Guide to Separating from the University of Massachusetts

This guide is being provided to you by the Office of Human Resources in an effort to ensure that all of your questions relating to separating from state service are answered. Should you have any specific questions pertaining to your separation that are not addressed here, there is a helpful list of contacts on the last page of the guide for your convenience.

If you are an employee of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, you have the right to choose COBRA coverage if you lose your group health coverage because your hours of employment are reduced or your employment ends for reasons other than gross misconduct.

If you are the spouse of an insured covered by the GIC's health benefits program, you have the right to choose COBRA coverage for yourself if you lose GIC health coverage for any of the following reasons (known as "qualifying events"): Your spouse dies; your spouse's employment with the Commonwealth or participating municipality ends for any reason other than gross misconduct or his/her hours of employment are reduced; or you and your spouse divorce or legally separate.

If you have dependent children who are covered by the GIC's health benefits program, each child has the right to elect COBRA coverage if he or she loses GIC health coverage for any of the following reasons (known as "qualifying events"): the parent dies; the employee-parent's employment is terminated (for reasons other than gross misconduct) or the parent's hours of employment are reduced; the parents legally separate or divorce; or the dependent ceases to be a dependent child under GIC eligibility rules.


Review the Leaving and Layoffs from State and Municipal Service section of the On-going Administration of Municipal Health Insurance Benefits with the GIC page for health insurance coverage options. Options are listed in order of recommended selection.

Employees whose appointments terminate at the University may be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits. For information on eligibility, available services, and how to file a claim for unemployment insurance, visit the Division of Unemployment Assistance or call 877-626-6800.

To assist you in filing a claim, you need the following information:

  1. Employer Name and Address:
    UMASS President's Office, Human Resources
    50 Washington Street, Suite 3000
    Westborough, MA 01581
  2. DUA Employer ID number
    • President's Office Employees  78-418390

Visit the Planning for Retirement guide on if you are enrolled in MSERS (Massachusetts State Employee Retirement System). 

If you wish to request a gift for a retiring employee, please email 

Employees with 10-14 years of University service are eligible for a $200 Amazon gift card; employees with 15-19 years of University service are eligible for a $300 Amazon gift card and employees with 20+ years of University service are eligible for a $400 Amazon gift card or an University chair.   

Pursuant to the BOT Policy (T94-023) PERSONNEL POLICY FOR NON-UNIT PROFESSIONAL STAFF and subject to the availability of funds, any non-unit professional who is terminated shall be entitled to notification calculated on the basis of one calendar months’ notice for each complete year of service at the University or its predecessor institutions of higher education, to a maximum of twelve months' notice; provided, however, that a non-unit professional who has served at least three months but less than two years shall be entitled to one month's notice, subject to the availability of funds. At the discretion of the President or Chancellor, as appropriate, the period of notice for any non-unit professional may be reduced by paying to the employee an amount of money equal to one week's salary for every week by which the notice is foreshortened. Before taking this action, the President or Chancellor, or their respective designee, shall meet with the employee to discuss the implications of such action for the employee's benefits, including health insurance and retirement. A non-unit professional who is terminated for cause shall not be entitled to the required notice or payment in lieu thereof.