Most employees have a standard workweek of 40 hours.  Some employees may be required to work varying shifts and/or holidays. Massachusetts law requires that employees receive a thirty-minute unpaid meal break after six hours of working.

Standard Hours of Operation at President's Office is Monday through Friday 8:30a- 5:00p with a ½ hour unpaid lunch.

Depending on the needs of the department, flexible work options may be an alternative to the standard President's Office schedule that supports work/life balance, and expanded customer service hours or business operations. It is the department head's decision to utilize a flexible work schedule option; scheduling is dependent on the operational needs of the department as defined by management. Flexible work schedules are voluntary for both department and employees.

Certain non-unit, non-exempt, classified positions in the System Office are eligible for shift differentials in accordance with the schedule below.  Non-unit, exempt and non–exempt, professional employees are not entitled to shift differentials. 

A. Shifts

  • First Shift (1st).  A first shift commences at 6AM or after and ends no later than 6PM.
  • Second (2nd) Shift. A second shift commences at 1:00 PM or after and ends no later than 2:00 AM. 
  • Third (3rd) Shift.  A third shift commences at 9:00 PM or after and ends no later than 9:00 AM.
  • Weekend Shift. A weekend shift begins Saturday at 12:01 A.M. and concludes 11:59 P.M. Sunday.

B. Rates

2nd Shift $1.00
3rd Shift $1.00
Weekend Shift $1.00

The above shift differential shall be paid in addition to regular salary for eligible employees when their entire workday is on a second or third shift. Eligible employees, who are required to work a second or third shift or any portion thereof on an overtime basis, replacing a worker who normally works such second or third shift, will receive a differential pursuant to section B (rates).

Overtime shall be compensated at the regular salary rate and the shift differential for the number of hours in excess of thirty seven and one-half (37.5) but fewer than forty (40) hours per week and at the rate of time and one-half of the regular salary rate and the shift differential for the number of hours in excess of forty (40) hours per week.

You are responsible for arriving at and leaving work at the times agreed upon in the work week schedule authorized by your supervisor.  If you are unable to report to work, notify your supervisor at the beginning of your usual workday, or as soon as possible. Be sure you understand your work schedule and ask your supervisor if you have questions. If you are absent from work without authorization from your supervisor, you may be subjected to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Institutions of higher education are entrusted with great resources and commensurably great responsibilities. They must meet their mission of research, teaching, and service in ways that truly enrich the society that supports them and truly serve the students, parents, and alumni who in joining the university community become life-long members of the extended university learning family. College and university leaders play a key role in assuring that high standards of ethical practice attend to the delivery of services to their various constituents and to the custody and use by all their faculty, staff and students of the resources entrusted to them. The University of Massachusetts embraces the values expressed in these Principles of Employee Conduct and expects their observance by all its employees.

Employees should familiarize themselves with University’s Principles of Employee Conduct Policy.

Your clothing and appearance should be appropriate and safe for the type of work you do. Your supervisor will let you know if there are any special clothing requirements. You are expected to dress appropriately for the type of work you perform.  As part of the orientation with your department, you will be told what is inappropriate dress, or provided appropriate dress guidelines for your specific department.

The Work Number is a convenient, secure, automated employment and income history verification system accessible by phone or the Internet. It provides accurate and timely employment and income verifications for current and former University of Massachusetts employees.

Employment and income verification is often required for a mortgage application, personal credit approval, pre-employment screening, and tenant screening. Using The Work Number greatly speeds up verifications for employees and reduces the cost of HR staff manually retrieving and reporting information.

For proof of employment or income, contact or call 1-800-367-2884. The UMass Employer Code is 18128.

Additional Information Regarding The Work Number

  • Starting Monday, July 15, 2019, when users log into, they will be prompted to create their own personalized userID that they will then use for all future logins.

Employees should have no trouble creating their own username, and new users simply need to click on “New User Registration.” With this new process, Employers  no longer need to communicate default credentials or PINs to new users, and the forgot userID function takes place completely online, so your webManagers no longer need to provide forgotten userIDs to your employees.

In addition to the changes to userIDs, we will also be introducing additional security safeguards to user accounts. For example, users will be prompted to authenticate their access using a one-time passcode in order to update key profile information, such as a contact address or phone number. It’s important to note that our commitment to the security of our systems and data means that you may also see additional security measures added or updated from time to time in the future.

We have a new resource should you need to share the login instructions with anyone or to update any of the employee resources or training/guides you maintain:

How-to Login One Sheet - A step-by-step guide through the updated login process, including createing a new userID.

  • When employees access Workforce Solutions web-based applications, users will notice some changes when they next log in:
    • All employees accessing the system must authenticate their identities. Depending on the data in the user profile, the employee will complete this process either via a One Time Passcode sent to his or her company email or by answering personalized multiple-choice questions. Once the employee’s identity is authenticated, the account will unlock and the employee will be prompted to create a new, custom PIN. If an employee’s identity cannot be authenticated online, the employee will be directed to our call center or to the designated webManager for identity verification.

When employees successfully login and update their password and user profile information, they will receive a system-generated email confirmation. That confirmation often comes from TALX, rather than Equifax.

Please contact with any questions.

The Board of Trustees' Personnel Policy for Non-Unit Professional Staff requires that staff members be evaluated on an annual basis. The Annual Performance Review (APR) process is meant to be an ongoing process that facilitates the planning, coaching and evaluating of employee performance and development.  When used correctly, the performance management process serves as a tool for both the supervisor and the employee.

The UMass Office of the President has offices in Boston and in Shrewsbury.  New and current employees are encouraged to review the facilities information that relate to the office(s) at which you work.  Visit the Facilities Page for more information.

It’s important for UMass President’s Office employees to conduct business in a safe and appropriate way. From political campaigns to how we access data, we must always be thinking of the impact our actions have on the University. 

The New Benefited Employee Hire Packet provides all the necessary forms and resources for beginning your career at the UMass President's Office.

The New Non-Benefited Employee Hire Packet provides all the necessary forms and resources for beginning your career at the UMass President's Office.