All employees are required to comply with the State Ethics Statute (Chapter 268A of the General Laws), as amended, which imposes on all state agencies, and on all state employees, affirmative obligations that are designed to ensure that no state employee is uninformed of any statutory requirements pursuant to ethical standards or conflicts of interest.

According to this statute, there are two requirements the President's Office is obligated to make you aware of. First, you must take an online training course concerning the statute's requirements, and second, you must acknowledge receipt of the Summary Description of the Conflict of Interest Law for State Employees. New employees must complete such training within 30 days of the date on which they commence employment and once every two years thereafter.

To take the online training course, please go to the Online Conflict of Interest Law Training site and click the link FOR STATE AND COUNTY EMPLOYEES, to access the test. The course begins by providing employees with information on the following topics: Conflict of Interest Law Overview, Gift Restrictions, Self-Dealing and Nepotism, Standards of Conduct, Divided Loyalties, Prohibited Financial Interests in Contracts, and Restrictions after Leaving Public Employment. After listening to information on these topics, you must take an assessment. You should set aside approximately one hour to complete the course and take the assessment. To begin the course, you will need to click the button that states Appointed Employee Assessment. After completing the assessment, you must click the button that says Print Certificate. Please print a copy of the certificate and bring to the Office of Human Resources to alert us that you have completed the assessment.

To acknowledge receipt of the Summary Description of the Conflict of Interest Law for State Employees, you will be alerted when you initially log into HR Direct (HR/Payroll self-service application) to record your attendance. You will receive your credentials to log into HR Direct shortly after you are hired into the system.

If you have any questions regarding this information, or would like to request the materials in an alternate format, please contact the Human Resource Office at 774-455-7150. Also, If you have any specific questions or concerns regarding potential conflicts of interest, please contact the State Ethics Commission.