About Public Records

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In accordance with 950 CMR 32, the University of Massachusetts implemented the University Public Records website in January 2017. This website provides the public with access to a web-based search database and the means in which to request copies of the following records:

  • Agency Budgets
  • Annual Reports
  • Awards of Federal, State and Municipal Government Grants
  • Minutes of Open Meetings
  • Winning Bids for Public Contracts
  • And any public record information of significant interest that the agency deems appropriate to post, such determination to be made by the agency on a case-by-case basis

The searchable database currently contains System Office records. The public is asked to submit all campus-based requests through the Public Records Request form or other request method as documented on the Request Records page.

The University adheres to the response to requests for records process outlined in 950 CMR 32 and has designated records administrators to ensure these standards are upheld.