Professionals from multiple disciplines from across the UMass system are invited to participate in the first of its kind event, the UMass ERP Summit. On April 24th, a Team from Deloitte's Higher Education Consulting division will facilitate the event, guiding participants through a series of discussions to "Learn, Think, and Share" about Enterprise Resource Planning.

For Information, contact:
David Nero, Associate Vice President Strategy and Innovation,

"Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)" is the industry's way of describing the systems used to support key areas like finance, human resources, and in higher education, student. In the context of UMass, ERP includes a myriad of technologies, from Peoplesoft HR, Finance and Student, to Buyways, to a large number of point solution products acquired and implemented over the past twenty years. 

In the past twenty years since we first implemented the core ERP, the higher education industry has evolved significantly, UMass needs have changed drastically, and the ERP systems serving higher education have evolved. In addition, the Peoplesoft platform will eventually reach the "end of life" where updates around functionality and security will no longer be supported. 

  1. Develop a common understanding of the current and future ERP higher education landscape (Learn)
  2. Develop a common understanding of the UMass current ERP landscape (Learn)
  3. Think about and discuss our current and potential future ERP challenges (Think)
  4. Share insights and opinions about the UMass ERP future (Share)

The UMass ERP Summit was held on April 24th. We had a great turnout, and the results were positive. Please check the link below for the results from the interactive sessions during the day, survey results sent out after the event, and more. Click here to check the highlights of the day.