The University has completed lease negotiations for the new office space that will replace our existing office space at 333 South Street, Shrewsbury. This new location is 50 Washington Street, Westborough, which is located immediately off Route 9. The new location is 7.2 miles east of the current South Street location and is approximately an 11-minute drive.

Project Communication




Outlook Resource Name

RRC Room

Room 662-1, Pole E7



University Room

Room718, Pole A1




Upcoming Activities and Events

50 Washington Viewing Event - Wednesday, September 20

  • Optional event for all employees, whether regularly reporting or on-site as needed
  • Morning and afternoon sessions - registration required
  • Activities will include;
    • Tour of building
    • Review of building amenities
    • Related information sessions
    • Pick up your new badge
    • Other related activities
  • More details and registration information will be sent via email in the upcoming weeks
  • Lighthouse Coffee provided a demo of their services in April
  • High turnout with great participation and feedback

The UMPO Relocation Showcase is now open!

  • Attend the Showcase request website 
  • The office relocation showcase at South Street is a program of activities and displays for employees to learn more about elements planned for the new office. The Showcase is displayed near the Human Resources office at South Street.

Coming Soon...

  • Additional 'Know Before You Go' Sessions where you will use Robin and plan your day in the office and preview the new furniture and standard desktop equipment
  • Register here for the week of September 5th

The UMPO hosted the Taste of Westborough, the following vendors participated New York Deli, Torito's Mexican Restaurant, and Yummy Mummy Bakery

All employees will receive a new building badge for the Westborough Office. Shrewsbury badges and parking tags will be collected in Westborough at the end of September.

Project Overview & Team

  • The new location will be designed to meet the needs of today’s UMPO workforce, in which most employees work on site 2 days per week or are on-site as needed. 
  • Since a priority during on-site workdays is collaboration, the new location will have additional conference rooms, huddle spaces, and other resources to promote face-to-face communication and teamwork. 
  • The new location will incorporate the use of a “workpoint reservation” model as some departments move away from individually assigned offices and cubicles.
  • This model will offer more generally available space that can easily be reserved on an as-needed basis.

Here's a link to the initial relocation announcement: UMPO Relocation Overview

Project ManagementChange Management LeadsWorkstream Leads
  • Amy Ryan (A&F)
  • Jacob Sturtz (Innovation)
  • Michael Milligan 
  • Jacquie Kittler 
  • Kelly Weeks 
  • David Nero 
  • Amanda Onwuka
  • Kate Targett 
  • Christine Packard 
  • Amy Ryan 
  • Amy Thompson 
  • Amy Ryan (Construction & Furniture)
  • Bill Smith (Audio Visual & Workstation)
  • Keith Boisseau (Network)
  • Amy Thompson (Operations)
  • Jacquie Kittler (Change Management
  • Conference Rooms: meeting room for groups of varying size (8+) to host virtual meetings, webinars and/or training - providing staff the flexibility to host a variety of events with the appropriate technology. These are technology enabled spaces.
  • Collaboration Space: area of the office which allows people to come together to workshop and exchange ideas - providing staff a change of environment to inspire creativity and collaboration. These are no-tech spaces.
  • Mothers Room: a private and relaxing space for nursing mothers - a location where mothers can use a breast pump and store their milk. This is a no-tech space.
  • Wellness Room: a special area in the workplace that's designated for quiet time - a space for privacy, recuperation, and escape from the noise and pace of the typical office environment. This is a no-tech space.
  • Huddle Room: collaborative spaces meant for informal, peer-to-peer communication - perfect for brainstorming or touching base with co-workers. These are low-tech / no-tech spaces.
  • Phone Rooms: small space for solo phone calls, virtual meetings, and focused work - providing staff the space to participate in a private call. These are low-tech spaces (phones only).
  • Coffee Bar & Water Station: a small but comfortable area in the workplace to grab coffee and refill water - the area will also provide soft seating or will be in close proximity to collaboration areas. These are no-tech spaces.
  • Workpoints: a workpoint is the location where you will work for your on-site workday – can be a workstation, private office or a desk in a double office. These are tech enabled spaces (BYWL – bring your work laptop).

Project Workstreams

The Operation Declutter workstream includes the following activities:

  • Shed & shred days
  • Inventory of supplies
  • Office and cubical decluttering
  • Removal of personal items
  • Common area decluttering
  • Record retention

The construction workstream includes buildouts in the following areas:

  • Offices
  • Conference rooms
  • Collaborative spaces
  • Storage
  • Break room and kitchenettes
  • Access Control (wiring, system installation, installation of card access equipment)

For more information on workspaces, visit the Relocation Q&A Workspace page.

The Furniture & Accessories workstream includes furnishing activities for the following areas:

  • Workpoints
  • Conference rooms 
  • Collaboration areas
  • Reception
  • Breakroom
  • Ancillary spaces
  • Storage

For questions about amenities, visit the Relocation Q&A Amenities page.

  • UITS and A&F are partnering on implementing a modern reservation system as part of the relocation.  The system will enable employees to reserve space and view the location of other UMPO employees.
  • More information on the new system, including system demos, will be coming soon. In the mean time, answers to questions about the reservation system can be found on the Workspace Q&A webpage.


Robin Reservation

Robin Reservation is our new platform for employees to plan and reserve office space for their in-office days.

Key features include:

  • Available to UMSO staff only
  • View desk space openings
  • Restrict spaces based on permissions
  • See who is sitting where
  • Favorite people you work with
  • Filter by Assets and Qty
  • Web or phone to book desks
  • Web, phone, or Outlook to book spaces
  • Receive email confirmation from Robin
  • Check in/Check out/Release
  • Request Services (IT, AV, catering, etc.)

Robin Introductory Training Sessions:

UITS - Wednesday, May 31st at noon

A&F, Internal Audit, OGC - Thursday, June 1st at noon

The Audio Visual & Desktop workstream entails developing an AV standard, designing an AV program, and installation of the AV design. The following areas are included in the Audio Visual & Desktop workstream:

  • Conferencing
  • Digital Signage
  • Sound Masking
  • Workstation setups

For information on technology, visit the Relocation Q&A Technology page.

The Network workstream includes the following activities:

  • Data cabling and wired connectivity
  • MDF/IDF setup
  • Wireless connectivity

Submit a Question

  • Have a question about the move?  Submit it here and the team will add it to the Q&A section.  

Photos of the New Office

DeskOutside of buildingInterior of building