Visitor Information

Boston Office

All visitors will enter through the UMass Club on the 32nd floor.  President's office departments are required to fill out a visitor log and submit it to the receptionist at the UMass Club in person before the vendor or guest arrives. When the vendor or guest arrives at Beacon, the receptionist will contact the individual listed on the form and an employee will need to come to the UMass Club to meet their guest. The UMPO department is responsible for placing their vendor or guest on the Beacon Street security list and informing the vendor or guest where to check in. The UMPO department is responsible for coordinating guest access during hours when the club is not open.

University of Massachusetts President’s Office
One Beacon Street, 31st Floor
Boston, MA  02108
(617) 287-7050
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One Beacon Street Garage

Contact: Stan Benson,, (617) 646-7237

The parking garage rates are currently as follows, which applies to every guest or tenant in the building:

Time in Garage Cost
0 to 20 minutes $8
20 to 40 minutes $18
40 to 60 minutes $27
60 to 80 minutes $35
Over 80 minutes $40
Early bird – before 9:00am $30
After 5 pm weekdays $10
Weekend rate $10

Shrewsbury Office

All visitors and vendors must be sponsored by a UMPO employee and registered in advance. President's Office employees may register their guests online. When entering the building, all visitors to the facility must check in at the main entrance security desk and show their visitor registration confirmation.

All visitors (including UMass employees from other locations) to the Shrewsbury office must be escorted to and from the security desk by a UMPO employee.

Please contact Amy Thompson with questions.

Our regular office hours are 8:30 am – 5:00 pm.

The UMass President's Office in Shrewsbury has set aside work space for our guests and campus colleagues. Phones, laptop connections and a guest PC are available on a first-come first-serve basis. Please see reception for hotel space.

Faculty, staff, students and University affiliates may reserve  president's office conference rooms by submitting a room request form.  Please visit scheduling meetings at the South Street office for conference room descriptions and more information.

University of Massachusetts System Office and Collaborative Services Facility
333 South Street
Shrewsbury, MA 01545-4169
Phone: (774) 455-7100
South Street Google Map Directions

Parking is available to all visitors at no cost.  Visitors to the South Street facility should park in the designated visitor parking area located on the left hand side of the parking lot outside the main entrance.

Visit the employee resources section for more information on employee parking.