Visitor and Vendor Preregistration & Check-in

Visitors refer to UMass employees from other locations, contractors, external vendors, stakeholders, and the public. To ensure the safety and security of our office, all visitors must enter the President’s Office at 50 Washington Street through the reception area on the third floor. Visitors are allowed during normal working hours, Monday-Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. After-hours visitors must have pre-authorization from the operations team. 

The President’s Office at 50 Washington Street uses Robin Reservations to manage visitors. Upon entering and exiting the office, all visitors must sign in and sign out of Robin using the self-service kiosk in reception or their mobile phone (if preregistered). Visitors should remain at reception until their host arrives to greet and escort them from reception. 

Hosts may register their visitors in advance using Robin’s visitor management system. Robin will automatically send an email invitation with customizable visit instructions. The host will receive an email notification when the guest arrives. Preregistered visitors have the option to use their mobile device to check in. Follow the steps in this article to preregister visitors in Robin. 

In certain cases, there may be a need for visitors to be issued temporary badge access to move freely around the office. In such cases, the employee/host should email the temporary badge request to the operations team at Temporary badges are available for day use only and need to be checked out and in with the operations team. All temporary badges not returned at the end of a visit will be deactivated. 


University of Massachusetts President’s Office
50 Washington Street, Suite 3000
Westborough, MA 02108
(774) 528-0200

Please take the elevator to the third floor reception area (to the right as you exit the elevator).