Annual Operating Budget and Financial Forecast

The Annual Operating Budget and Financial Forecast page includes the operating budget, financial forecast, and state budget request.

Capital Planning

The Budget Office manages the review and approval processes for capital projects funded from government sources, debt, or operating funds. Biennially, the University updates it’s five-year capital plan to ensure sound management and upkeep of its capital assets, and to align capital spending with the University’s strategic priorities. 

Financial Aid Report

The Budget Office publishes an annual financial aid report.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

In FY13, the University, through its Board of Trustees, created a permanent Task Force on Efficiencies and Effectiveness charged with ensuring that both taxpayer and student dollars are used in the most efficient and effective manner. The annual Efficiency and Effectiveness report demonstrates the University’s commitment to E&E.

Sustainability Initiative

In 2007, the University president and all five campus chancellors signed the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment. In the years since, the University has succeeded in reducing its carbon emissions on average by 4% per year.