Board Policies

UMass is governed by a set of policies and standards that define proper procedures in areas that affect faculty, staff, students, and, in some cases, others affiliated with the University, such as consultants.

The UMass Board of Trustees issues the policies that govern the University. University policies contain concise statements of direction and required action and are assigned a Board of Trustee’s document number (e.g., Doc.T97-010).

Once policies are established, the President issues University standards. These standards are designed to achieve the requirements of University policies by establishing specific criteria that must be met in campus procedures.

Each campus develops the procedures for implementing the policies and standards. These campus procedures are designed to comply with the requirements of University standards by establishing specific criteria that must be met by University students, staff, consultants, etc.

The President may also issue University procedures establishing specific processes that must be adhered to by University students, staff, consultants, etc.

Document Subject
Academic Degree Programs Academic: General
Academic Personnel Policy, UMass Amherst & Boston Personnel
Academic Personnel Policy, UMass Worcester Personnel
Accounts Receivable Policy Fiscal & General Administrative
Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Personnel
Affirmative Action Plans / Reporting Format Personnel
Business Expense Policy – Appendix C & Standards Fiscal & General Administrative
By-Laws w/ Audit Committee Charter Board of Trustees
Capital Planning, Land and Facilities Use Policy Facilities
Chancellors Administrative Delegations
Conflict of Interest Disclosure Policy for Trustees Board of Trustees
Coordinated Constituent Relation Management Policy with Guidelines Other
Emergency Management and Business Continuity and Planning Policy & Guidelines Fiscal & General Administrative
Employee Background Reviews with Guidelines Personnel
Evaluation of Senior Administrators Personnel
Executive Compensation for President and Campus Chancellors Personnel
Faculty Senate Constitution - UMass Dartmouth Academic: Faculty & Research Policies
Family-Leave Policy Personnel
Fraudulent Financial Activities Policy Fiscal & General Administrative
Governance of the University of Massachusetts Worcester Other
Governance Policy Board of Trustees
Graduate Medical Education Personnel Policy Personnel
Identity Theft Prevention Program Other
Individual Transaction Funds Controls Policy Fiscal & General Administrative
Information Security Policy Data & Computing: General