Board Members

Robert J. Manning, Chairman

Chair, Compensation Committee; Governance Committee
MFS Investment Management (Boston)
Hometown: Swampscott, MA
UMass Lowell '84 B.S.
UMass Lowell '11 (Honorary)
Exp. 2021

R. Norman Peters, JD, Vice Chair 

""Vice Chair 
Vice Chair, Compensation Committee
Founding Partner
Peters & Sowyrda (Worcester)
Hometown:  Paxton, MA
UMass Medical School '04 (Honorary)
Exp. 2019 

Mary L. Burns

""Chair, Advancement Committee
Splash Media Group Boston, LLC
Hometown: Lowell, MA
UMass Lowell '84 B.S.
Exp. 2021

Robert Epstein

""Vice Chair, Advancement Committee
President & CEO
Horizon Beverage Group (Norton)
Hometown: Boston, MA
UMass Amherst '67 B.A.
Exp. 2020

Maria D. Furman, CFA

""Chair, Audit Committee
Retired Managing Director and Bond Portfolio Manager
Standish, Ayer, & Wood (Boston)
Hometown:  Boston, MA
UMass Dartmouth '76 B.A.
Exp. 2019

Stephen R. Karam

""Chair, Committee on Administration and Finance
Vice Chair, Audit Committee
Karam Financial Group (Fall River)
Exp. 2022

Richard M. Kelleher

Exp. 2023

Brian J. Madigan 

Chemical Engineering 
University of Massachusetts Lowell 
Hometown: Lowell, MA
Exp. 2019

Katherine E. Mallett 


MD Candidate 
University of Massachusetts Medical School 
Hometown: Worcester, MA
Exp. 2019

Jiya Nair

Operations and Information Management and Political Science
University of Massachusetts Amherst 
Hometown: Shrewsbury, MA
Exp. 2019

Michael V. O'Brien 

""Vice Chair, Committee on Administration and Finance
Executive Vice President
WinnCompanies (Boston)
Hometown: Southborough, MA
UMass Amherst '88 B.S.
Exp. 2021

Noreen C. Okwara, M.D.

""Internal Medicine Resident
Brigham & Women's Hospital (Boston)
Hometown: Lowell, MA
UMass Boston '12 B.S.
UMass Medical School '17 M.D.
Exp. 2023

Kerri E. Osterhaus-Houle, M.D.

Women's Health of Central Mass, PC (Worcester)
Hometown: Hudson, MA
UMass Medical School '99
Exp. 2018

Imari K. Paris Jeffries, BA, MEd, MA

""Chair, Committee on Academic and Student Affairs
Executive Director
Parenting Journey (Boston)
Hometown: Boston, MA
UMass Boston '97 B.A., '99 M.Ed., '03 M.A.
Exp. 2021

 James A. Peyser

""Secretary of Education, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Executive Office of Education (Boston)
Hometown: Milton, MA

Silavong Phimmasone 

""Voting Student- Management; Leadership
University of Massachusetts Darmouth 
Hometown: Springfield, MA
Exp. 2019

Elizabeth D. Scheibel, JD

""Vice Chair, Committee on Academic and Student Affairs 
Vice Chair, Governance Committee
Legal Consultant
Hometown: South Hadley, MA
Exp. 2021


Sara Tariq

""Voting Student-Political Science 
University of Massachusetts Boston 
Hometown: Braintree, MA 
Exp. 2019

Henry M. Thomas III, JD

""President and CEO
Urban League of Springfield, Inc. (Springfield)
Hometown: Springfield, MA
Exp: 2017

Steven A. Tolman

Massachusetts AFL-CIO
Hometown: Boston, MA 
UMass Boston '99 B.A.
Exp. 2022

Victor Woolridge

""Chair, University of Massachusetts Building Authority
Vice President
Barings (Hartford, CT)
Hometown: Springfield, MA
UMass Amherst '80 B.A.
Exp. 2019

Charles F. Wu, MBA

""Managing Director
BayNorth Capital (Boston)
Hometown: Newton, MA
Exp. 2021

Zunilka M. Barrett

Secretary to the Board of Trustees