Board Members

Robert J. Manning, Chairman

Chair, Compensation Committee; Governance Committee
MFS Investment Management (Boston)
Hometown: Swampscott, MA
UMass Lowell '84 B.S.
UMass Lowell '11 (Honorary)
Exp. 2021

R. Norman Peters, JD, Vice Chair 

""Vice Chair 
Vice Chair, Compensation Committee
Founding Partner
Peters & Sowyrda (Worcester)
Hometown:  Paxton, MA
UMass Medical School '04 (Honorary)
Exp. 2019 

Jacob S. Binnall 

""Master of Public Policy - Graduate Student 
University of Massachusetts Amherst 
Hometown: Framingham, MA 
UMass Amherst '19 B.A. 
Exp. 2020

Mary L. Burns

""Chair, Advancement Committee
Splash Media Group Boston, LLC
Hometown: Lowell, MA
UMass Lowell '84 B.S.
Exp. 2021

Ryan P. Callahan

""Voting Student-Political Science
University of Massachusetts Lowell 
Hometown: Chelmsford, MA
Exp. 2020


Peter Cruz-Gordillo  


Voting Student-MD/PhD Candidate
Student University of Massachusetts Medical School 
Hometown: Worcester, MA
Exp. 2020

Robert Epstein

""Vice Chair, Advancement Committee
President & CEO
Horizon Beverage Group (Norton)
Hometown: Boston, MA
UMass Amherst '67 B.A.
Exp. 2020

Maria D. Furman, CFA

""Chair, Audit Committee
Retired Managing Director and Bond Portfolio Manager
Standish, Ayer, & Wood (Boston)
Hometown:  Boston, MA
UMass Dartmouth '76 B.A.
Exp. 2019

Stephen R. Karam

""Chair, Committee on Administration and Finance
Vice Chair, Audit Committee
Karam Financial Group (Fall River)
Hometown: Fall River, MA
Exp. 2022

Richard M. Kelleher

Pyramid Hotel Group
Hometown: Duxbury, MA 
UMass Amherst '73 B.S.
Exp. 2023

Amanda B. Kuffoh 

""Philosophy and Political Science 
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth 
Hometown: Tewksbury, MA 
Exp. 2020

Michael V. O'Brien 

""Vice Chair, Committee on Administration and Finance
Executive Vice President
WinnCompanies (Boston)
Hometown: Southborough, MA
UMass Amherst '88 B.S.
Exp. 2021

Noreen C. Okwara, M.D.

""Internal Medicine Resident
Brigham & Women's Hospital (Boston)
Hometown: Lowell, MA
UMass Boston '12 B.S.
UMass Medical School '17 M.D.
Exp. 2023

Kerri E. Osterhaus-Houle, M.D.

Women's Health of Central Mass, PC (Worcester)
Hometown: Hudson, MA
UMass Medical School '99 M.D.
Exp. 2018

Imari K. Paris Jeffries, BA, MEd, MA

""Chair, Committee on Academic and Student Affairs
Executive Director
Parenting Journey (Boston)
Hometown: Boston, MA
UMass Boston '97 B.A., '99 M.Ed., '03 M.A.
Exp. 2021

Kush Patel 

""Political Science 
University of Massachusetts Boston 
Hometown: Malborough, MA 
Exp. 2020

 James A. Peyser

""Secretary of Education, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Executive Office of Education (Boston)
Hometown: Milton, MA

Elizabeth D. Scheibel, JD

""Vice Chair, Committee on Academic and Student Affairs 
Vice Chair, Governance Committee
Legal Consultant
Hometown: South Hadley, MA
Exp. 2021


Henry M. Thomas III, JD

""President and CEO
Urban League of Springfield, Inc. (Springfield)
Hometown: Springfield, MA
Exp: 2017

Steven A. Tolman

Massachusetts AFL-CIO
Hometown: Boston, MA 
UMass Boston '99 B.A.
Exp. 2022

Victor Woolridge

""Chair, University of Massachusetts Building Authority
Vice President
Barings (Hartford, CT)
Hometown: Springfield, MA
UMass Amherst '80 B.A.
Exp. 2019

Charles F. Wu, MBA

""Managing Director
BayNorth Capital (Boston)
Hometown: Newton, MA
Exp. 2021

Zunilka M. Barrett

Secretary to the Board of Trustees