A system-wide project to improve travel and expense

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Campus Involvement - Focus Groups

  • Along with the Project Team, Focus Groups are involved in the design and testing of the new travel and expense processes
  • Focus Group Members are asked to be an "ambassador" for the project on their campus, helping to raise awareness of the project and the future T&E processes
  • It's estimated that Focus Group members will be involved an average of 2 hours per week from early February through June.  Some weeks may have no activity
  • Once we reach the Pilot Phase of the project, we will evaluate the role/time commitment of the Focus Groups in the rollout
  • Focus Group Members were determined with engagement from each campus throughout the month of February
  • For a list of Focus Group Members by campus refer to this document: Project Fast Lane Focus Group Members 

Project Fast Lane Overview

The Tollbooth Process

The Old Way The Improved Way (with a Fast Lane/EZ Pass)

Waiting in long lines

No tollbooth lines

Taking a ticket from a tollbooth operator

Transponder/plate image

Trying to find change Direct connection to bank/credit card

Travel & Expense

The Old Way The Improved Way (with Project Fast Lane)

Complex processes

Streamlined process

Antiquated technology

Modern, integrated technology

Time-consuming, slow Efficient, "fast"


  • 50% less time to register and book a trip
  • 40% less time to fill out an expense report
  • 50% less time to reimburse expenses


  • 35% more efficient expense handling
  • 40% more efficient auditing staff


  • 40% reduction in lost receipts
  • 65% more compliant expense reports


*Source: International Data Corporation

President's Office Representation

Department Representatives
Innovation Team

David Nero, Mike Greer, Jacob Sturtz, Mike Ricciardi,

Jason MacFadyen, Mike Rizk, Holly Wang

Employee Services Team - T&E

Jeff Gull, Caitrin Merrill, Lori McKiel


Amanda Onwuka, Brian Girard, Rob Hyde,

Claudia Cortes, Ashley Hunter


Patrick Hitchcock, Deirdre Delaney

A&F / Risk Management

Matt Gorzkowicz, Christine Packard


Andrew Russell

Human Resources

John Dunlap

Office of General Council

Alyssa Cherubino, John Chayrigues, Andrew Karberg


Patrick Hitchcock


Shawn Skelly, Scott Szajna, Kristina England,

Jason Rowe, Kathy Sawyer, Ben Collins, Frank Butler


Campus Representation

Campus Business & Travel Expense Team Policy, Standards, Technology Travel Policy Core Stakeholders Travel Registry Technology Team

Frank Sousa, Denise Storm,

Ray Rex, Patty Roper

Kalpen Trivedi

Andrea Drake


Patricia Overko, Chris Giuliani, Rebecca Hansen, Sharon DeLeskey

Shaun Morgan

Justin Comeau


Suzanne Audet, Jillian George

Michael LaGrassa

Michael LaGrassa


Sharon-Anne Mapes, 

Eileen Trott

Rick Wood

Eileen Trott,

Fern MacKinnon

UMass Chan

Marcy Culverwell, Jenn Robinson, Amy Miarecki, Bethanne Giehl 

Teresa Zash

Teresa Zash

Project Fast Lane Estimated Timeline

Concur Travel & Expense Timeline

  • October 2022: Procurement
  • November 2022: Contract/prep
  • December 2022: Planning/Kickoff
  • January - Summer 2023: Setup, Integration, and Testing
  • Summer 2023: Pilot Phase
  • Fall 2023: Campus Roll-out

HX Global Travel Registry Timeline

  • October 2022: Procurement
  • November 2022: Contract/prep
  • December 2022: Planning/Kickoff
  • January - Summer 2023: Setup, Integration, and Testing
  • Summer 2023: Pilot Phase
  • Fall 2023: Campus Rollout

Travel Policy & Standards 

  • October 2022: Initial Policy Draft
  • November 2022: Stakeholder Review
  • December 2022: Final Draft / BOT Initial
  • January 2023: Draft Standards
  • April 2023: BOT Vote
  • June 2023: Finalize and Communicate Standards
  • Summer - Fall 2023: Issue Rollout

Business and Travel Expense Standards 

  • October 2022 - January 2023: Draft Updates
  • January - April 2023: Issue Update

Travel & Expense Support

  • October 2022: Planning
  • November 2022 - April 2023: Transition to Employee Services Team
  • April - June 2023: Develop Training Material and Support Processes
  • Summer - Fall 2023: New Process Employee Training and Support


Future Technology Overview

SAP Concur - Travel & Expense

  • Used by hundreds of universities
  • Online travel booking
  • Expense report creation and approval
  • Will replace PeopleSoft Expense, Docusign exception/approval forms, Egencia*, & Buyways

Does not impact relationship with other Travel Management Companies

HX Global - Travel Registry

  • Global provider of travel risk management services
  • Travel pre-approval and traveler notifications
  • Will replace Terra Dotta
  • Intuitive, modern look and feel
  • Mobile app access
  • Self-service travel booking with access to University rates/discount
  • Digital receipt capture
  • Integrated travel registration/pre-approval/booking
  • Integrated UMass policy to prevent or highlight exceptions
  • Direct cost allocation in expense report (reduce cost re-allocation)
  • Configurable workflow/flexible by campus, department
  • Automated notifications, approvals, returns
  • Advanced traveler notification capabilities
  • Improved capabilities for audit and compliance


For additional support or questions regarding Project Fast Lane, contact David Nero, dnero@umassp.edu.