General South Street Building Information

Parking and Building Access Information

If entering or leaving the facility outside normal business hours, you must use your picture ID badge to release the door.  The card readers are small black rectangular units usually located to the right of the door/entrance.

When entering or leaving, do not touch the door as the alarm may sound.  Hold your ID up to the card reader, once you hear the door release click, you may push and/or pull the door open.

If entering a secured area after hours, you must use your picture ID badge to release the door.  The card readers are small black rectangular units usually located to the right of the entrance.  If your badge does not allow you access to the area, either go to the Security desk in the main lobby or contact them at 508-856-4751. 

If you are aware ahead of time that you will require after hours entry, please notify so that Security can be properly notified.

The South Street Office parking rates are set by the landlord.  All employees at the South Street location with the exception of employees that rely on alternate transportation services (Uber, carpool, etc.) are enrolled in the parking program.  Employees pay for parking through a payroll deduction for the area they choose to park (reserved or unreserved parking spots).  Employees register for parking by filling out the parking form and returning it to umsoreception&  

Parking Rates

  • Unreserved $32.00/month
  • Reserved $68.00/month


  • Parking tags are to be displayed from your rear view mirror 24/7 when parked onsite.
  • Only one tag per person is allowed , however, you may register multiple vehicles.
  • Employees are responsible for notifying umsoreception& of any vehicle changes.

The site office lighting is automatically controlled and goes into night mode at 9:00pm each weekday evening and 24 hours on the weekends.  Each day at 9:00pm, the office lights will flash, indicating they will turn off in 5 minutes.  To set the lights in your area for an additional two hours, please follow the following steps:

  1. Call Security at 508-856-4751 or 508-856-4781.
  2. Provide your office number and pole number (office numbers are found directly outside the office or cube area, it's a 5 digit number)

Onsite Services


There is an ATM located on the 2nd floor near the cafe, the room next to the microwaves and snack machines.  (Pole O11)

Vending Machine Issues

If you have an issue with the function or servicing of a vending machine, please send an email to and give a description of the problem and location of the machine (pole number).

In an effort to make it easier for everyone at South Street to be more environmentally sound, we have established an account with Call2Recycle Battery recycling company.  All types of batteries that are not over 11lbs and that are not damaged can be recycled on site moving forward. Batteries can be dropped off at the front desk. If you have any questions please contact Lucas Carter at 508-856-4754 or email at

Cafeteria Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: 7:00am - 1:30pm  (Holidays Excluded)

  • Breakfast: 7:00am - 10:30am
  • Lunch: 11:30am - 1:30pm
  • Snacks: 1:30pm - 2:30pm

Cafe Menu

The Cafe menu is posted on a weekly basis to the #south-street Slack channel.

To ensure the proper destruction and disposal of sensitive paper documents, the President’s Office has cross cut security level three shredders and contracts with Iron Mountain who provides on-site secure shred services in the Boston and Shrewsbury offices.

Please contact Amy Thompson with questions and to coordinate special purge or shredding projects.

Jefferson Cleaners, a progressive and environmentally friendly dry cleaner has been chosen to provide on-site pick-up and delivery for employee dry cleaning needs.

  • First time users:  The first time you use the service, place your clothes in any type of bag.  Attach either a business card or label with your name and phone number where you can be reached.  When your clothes are delivered, they will come with two cleaning bags, either of which you can use for future dry cleaning.
  • Pick-up/Drop-off Location:  Off the main lobby next to the France Conference Room.
  • Holidays:  When a holiday falls on a Tuesday or Friday, clothes will be delivered and picked up on the next Medical School business day after the holiday.

For an updated Price List and more Information, see the Jefferson Cleaners Flyer.

The South Street Fitness Center is available to all employees located at the South Street site.
The Center has treadmills, ellipticals, stairmasters, bikes & rower, free-weights and a body master multi-gym, plus balls and bands.

Hours of operation: 5:00am-10:00pm, 7 days/week.

Please contact Anita Bunn, Fitness Center Manager at 508-856-4775 or for more information about the fitness center, classes and membership fees.

If you have lost or found an item within the Shrewsbury facility, please contact either the Administrative Services Team at 774-455-7100 or

Each office is provided with a recycling basket (bin without the trash liner).  Please make every effort to recycle any Office Waste below.  If you do not have a recycling bin, please call the Reception and Admin group at 774-455-7100.

Recycle Pickup is every Thursday.

UMass and E.L. Harvey have been working on a recycling program that is easy and efficient! Simple Stream recycling may be familiar to some of you because it's what you are already doing at home! With Simple Stream recycling, you will not be able to throw all of your recyclables into one container, trash in the other.

View the In the Bin flyer for a list of acceptable and non-acceptable materials. This flyer is also posted on walls and recycling containers throughout the facility at 333 South Street.

If you are at your desk recyclables go in blue recycling container under your desk

If you are in a conference room recyclables go in blue recycling container

If you are at a staff kitchenette use one hole for recycling, one for trash

Trash:  Trash is picked up on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from individual office areas and daily from the public areas (break room, restrooms).  Persons in full-height offices should leave their trash (and recycle) outside their door the night before pickup since cleaning staff does not have keys to enter offices.

Courier Service is suspended until further notice.


The United States Postal Service delivers the mail daily to the building mailroom.  The mail is sorted by the Administrative Services team available for pick up at pole C16.


Delivery of these items is made to the 2nd floor loading dock and delivered to the Administrative Services Team every afternoon.   Packages may be picked up at pole C16.