UMSO Emergency Alert System is the University’s emergency notification system that gives the University the ability to communicate health and safety emergency information. The system uses multiple notification methods in a best effort to reach UMSO employees via UMSO E-mail Address, SMS text messages and voice messages to your cellular phone.

The system will be used for two types of alerts:

  • First, the system is designed to be used during emergency situations that require immediate action by the recipient. Emergencies are events that can cause physical injury to employees, cause physical or environmental damage or disrupt University operations; such as, active shooter, hazardous materials spill or tornado warning.
  • Second, the system will be used to notify UMSO employees of office closure or flexible start time, due to inclement weather.
  • Third, the system will be used to notify UMSO employees when all System Office email is unavailable.

The system will NOT be used for general public relations, marketing or other non-urgent communication.

Frequently Asked Questions

The system automatically loads all active UMSO e-mail addresses into the system. Participation to receive text message notifications and voice message notifications to your cellular phone are optional. You need to log into your HR Direct Self Service page and add your cellular phone number to the “mobile” field. Otherwise, you will be notified of emergency situations only via your UMSO e-mail address (again, UMSO e-mail addresses are automatically loaded into the system).  If you have previously entered your cellular phone in the “mobile” field and choose not to receive text messages and voice message notifications, delete the number you entered in the “mobile” field and add it to the “other” field. It is your responsibility to ensure your cellular phone information is accurate and up-to-date.

Please Note: Only text message notifications will be used to notify UMSO employees of office closure or flexible start time due to inclement weather. You will need to enter your cellular phone number to receive these messages. This system does not replace the inclement weather hotline at UMSO (Shrewsbury Office Location Only). 

The UMSO Emergency Alert System will send emergency alerts to all active UMSO e-mail accounts. In order to receive text or voice alerts, users must enter cellular phone information into the system.

The University does not charge for the service. However, normal text messaging rates apply according to your phone plan.

Aside from test messages sent twice a year, the system is used only for emergency situations that require immediate action by the recipient or to notify UMSO employees of office closure or flexible start time, due to inclement weather.

Your information will be kept confidential and used only for the emergency notification process.

You can change your contact information at any time by logging into the HR Direct Self Service page. 

Yes. However, your phone/device must be capable of receiving both. 

Unfortunately, No the system is intended primarily for use with mobile devices. University phone numbers are not accepted by the system since the volume of calls and design of the service (i.e. retrying calls that are not answered) would have a significant impact on University phone service. 

For voice, the caller ID will display as 774-455-7100. We recommend that you add this phone number to your address book as "UMSO EAS" so that you will recognize it immediately. For text, the message will be sent from 67283 or 226787. For email, the message will be sent from

The Emergency Notification Service makes a best effort to deliver all messages, including multiple attempts at sending the message. However a message may not be delivered due to a wrong number or a problem with your provider. Therefore, it is very important that your contact information is accurate.

You do not need to provide your e-mail address. In the event of an emergency, an e-mail message will automatically be sent to subscribers at their official University e-mail address.

No. This service will be used for emergency purposes only.