Note:  For Microsoft Edge, make sure the ClickOnce Support is enabled.  Refer to the 'Enable ClickOnce for MS Edge' link on the UM-Plan launch page to enable the ClickOnce Support.  For other browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox, an additional Add-on will be required.  Refer to the ‘UM-Plan Google Chrome & Firefox Add-ons’ link on the UM-Plan launch page to install the Add-ons.

  1. Navigate to the UM-Plan tool.
  2. If this page appears, select your campus.  IDCS Campus Selection
  3. Once you sign in, you will receive the UM-Plan homepage.  On the upper right corner of the menu bar, you will have a Grid icon.  Select the Grid icon and you will have an option for the Windows Client.UM-Plan Login Page
  4. Once you select the Windows Client option, you will receive the following message.  UM-Plan Client Install
  5. Select the Install button.  Note: This install is only required for the first time you log into this system.
  6. Once the installation is complete, you will receive a new window with additional content viewable on the left.  The next time you log into the Windows client, this page will launch automatically without the installation steps. 
    UM-Plan Windows Client Desktop