Install the UM-Plan Windows Client

Note:  To install the Windows Client, the best browser to do this is in Internet Explorer 11.  For other browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox, an additional Add-on will be required.  Refer to the ‘Chrome & Firefox Instructions’ to install the Add-ons.

  1. Navigate to the UM-Plan tool.
  2. Once you navigate to the UM-Plan tool, you will receive the IdM login screen.  Log in using your IdM production credentials.  
  3. Once you sign in, you will receive the UM-Plan homepage.  On the upper right corner of the menu bar, you will have a rocket ship icon.  Select the rocket ship icon and you will have an option for the Windows Client.
  4. Once you select the Windows Client option, you will receive the following message.  
  5. Select the Install button.  Note: This install is only required for the first time you log into this system.
  6. Once the installation is complete, you will receive a new window with additional content viewable on the left.  The next time you log into the Windows client, this page will launch automatically without the installation steps.