Past Winners of the Zuckerberg Leadership Chair/Prize

2018 Leadership Chair

Christopher Niezrecki - UMass Lowell: Professor and Chair, Mechanical Engineering

2016 Leadership Prize

Michelle Goncalves - UMass Amherst: Executive Director, UMass Women into Leadership and Executive Assistant, Chancellor’s Office

2014 Leadership Chair

Raymond S. Bradley, Ph.D. – UMass Amherst: Distinguished Professor, Director of the Climate Research Center and Co-Director of the Northeast Climate Science Center

2012 Leadership Prize

Juli Parker, Ph.D. – UMass Dartmouth: Director for the Center for Women Gender and Sexuality

2010 Leadership Chair

Jeannette Riley, Ph.D. – UMass Dartmouth: Professor of Women’s Studies and Chairperson of English

2008 Leadership Prize

Ms. Debra-Nicole Huber – UMass Lowell: Director of Instrumental Music Outreach and Associate Director of University Bands

2006 Leadership Chair

Carole C. Upshur, Ed.D – UMass Medical School: Associate Dean and Professor of UMMS

2005 Leadership Chair

Esther Kingston-Mann, Ph.D. – UMass Boston: Professor of History