The Roy J. Zuckerberg Endowed Leadership Chair / Prize

2020 Zuckerberg Endowed Leaderhsip Prize

The Roy J. Zuckerberg Endowed Leadership Chair/Prize is designed to reward leaders of courage, conviction, and selflessness who have devoted their time and talent to helping the University of Massachusetts to accomplish its goals. Recognizing that leadership may be found anywhere, faculty, coaches, and staff of the University of Massachusetts are encouraged to apply. The award will alternate between a faculty member (when it is termed the chair) and a coach/staff member (when it is termed the prize).

The Zuckerberg Endowed Leadership Award equals $100,000 for two years. Each year, the awardee will receive $30,000 to support research, teaching or service linked to a demonstration of leadership and an award stipend of $20,000. The recipient will be selected by a committee consisting of the Chancellor of the Lowell campus; representatives designated by each Chancellor in the University of Massachusetts system, including Lowell, and the President of the University of Massachusetts or the president's designee. The committee will be chaired by the Provost of UMass Lowell.

The committee will grant awards to coach or staff of exemplary character, high standards, and the proven ability to lead others at the university, nationally, or internationally in their field of research, in teaching or in service to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Awardees will have distinguished themselves through their commitment to the goals and mission of the University of Massachusetts, as well as public education more generally.

In 2020, the Zuckerberg Endowed Leadership Prize will be awarded to a University of Massachusetts coach/staff member.

Award Criteria

The Roy J. Zuckerberg Endowed Leadership Award has three primary aims:

  1. To foster leadership by rewarding faculty and staff of good character and high standards who have distinguished themselves in service to the University
  2. To encourage leadership by focusing attention upon leadership’s profound importance to the future of public higher education in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  3. To celebrate service to the University by fostering dialogue among the University campuses about their shared mission, and further collaboration of their collective goals

Online Form Instructions

  • Fill in the online form below with your preliminary information.
  • Answer the following questions in a Word document.
    • Considering Roy Zuckerberg’s vision of leadership and award criteria described above, tell the committee why you should be chosen for the 2020 Zuckerberg Chair?
    • If chosen, how will the prize funds help support your research, teaching and/or service?
    • What will be the intended outcomes of the award activities? 
  • Email the Word document and your CV to
  • Applications exceeding 5 pages will not be considered.
  • Do not provide support letters. They are not necessary and will not be considered.


Hard Copy Application: 2020 Roy J. Zuckerberg Endowed Leadership Prize Application

Email hard copy application CV to

Deadline: March 2, 2020 (midnight)

    If you are self-nominating, type self.