Life Sciences Moment Fund

The University of Massachusetts Center for Clinical and Translational Science (UMCCTS) Life Sciences Moment Fund supports projects that are inter-campus in orientation and directed toward life sciences projects related to clinical and translational research. Current and future projects supported by this fund are envisioned to advance the therapeutic, device, intervention, etc. under study along the translational pipeline. The fund serves to spur inter-campus collaboration and strengthen the University’s research portfolio in clinical and translational research. To support this mission, projects must include at least one investigator from the UMass Worcester campus and a collaborator from at least one of the other UMass campuses. By providing seed funding to outstanding faculty members, this fund facilitates the development of faculty-to-faculty networks within the University system, thereby leveraging the considerable expertise and resources that exist on the individual campuses. It is assumed that successful projects will attract additional funding from extramural sources.

Proposals for projects that are inter-campus, directed toward life sciences, and include at least one investigator from the Medical School campus may be eligible for either the Science &Technology Fund or the Life Sciences Moment Fund. Applicants SHOULD NOT submit the same proposal to both funds. Instead, if you have questions about which fund is most appropriate for your proposal please contact Nate Hafer ( As part of a newly integrated review process, proposals may be shared across grant programs based on appropriateness of mission and availability of funds