Creative Economy Fund

The Creative Economy Initiatives Fund was established in 2007 to support faculty initiatives in the arts, humanities and social sciences that benefit the State’s economy and improve quality of life.  During its first ten years, the Fund has made a total of 93 awards.  Among other projects, the Fund has supported preservation of the W.E.B Du Bois boyhood home in Great Barrington, helped establish the Lowell Youth Orchestra and a permanent Jack Kerouac education and tourism site in Lowell, and generated major studies of the film and electronic gaming industries in Massachusetts.  It has brought UMass Dartmouth students together with Durfee High School students to create a photographic history of Fall River’s neighborhoods, promoted a workers’ upholstery coop in Springfield, and sponsored numerous music, dance and theatre performances in Boston, Amherst, and Lowell.

Criteria for Awards

  • Potential for additional external funding
  • Likely positive impact on economic and/or social development of local community, region, state or beyond
  • Presence of strong project leadership
  • Endorsement of chancellor and evidence of campus commitments – submission of concept papers and final proposals via campus research offices will be presumed to indicate approval of chancellor
  • Collaboration among disciplines, within a single campus or multi-campus, or with external constituencies, where appropriate
  • High quality research, scholarly, or professional activity

Each year the fund is available, the Request for Concept Papers and schedule are sent to each campus via the chancellor or Chief Research Officer’s Office for campus distribution. Announcements of awards are made on or around June 1st.

For more information, please contact:  

Office of Academic Affairs
University of Massachusetts
One Beacon Street, 31st Floor
Boston, MA 02108