Employees can get reimbursed for University-related travel by completing an expense report in the Expense Module. Employees can choose to enter an expense report online for themselves or they can have an authorized person enter it for them.  Expense reports are approved online.  Approved expense reports are paid via Payroll and reimbursements will be made via the same method as payroll.

Documentation Requirements

The following information is required with the submission of an Expense Report for employee reimbursement:

  • The business purpose for the travel
  • Travel Authorization (if required per Travel policy)
  • Where practicable receipts should be presented for reimbursable expenses and are required on all expenses greater than $25.00.  If no receipt is available for expenses in excess of $25.00, a Missing Receipt Affidavit must be filled out and signed by the employee and the approving authority and attached to the Expense Report. 
  • The dates and times of departure and return for each trip on University business.
  • The destination/location for each University business trip (name of city/town & state).

All reimbursement requests must be received via the completion of an Expense Report within 120 days of when the expense was incurred. Reimbursement requests that are submitted after 120 days will still be accepted but the IRS requires that the reimbursement be treated as taxable to the individual receiving payment.  The expense must be entered with the Expense Type 'Taxable Reimbursement' on the Expense Report.


For all travel related documents, they can be found on:   Manuals, Job Aids and Forms