Charles L. Flint 1879-80

Charles L. FlintSelected during a budgetary crisis, Charles L. Flint agreed to serve as president of the Massachusetts Agricultural College without a salary.

Flint was one of the founders of the Massachusetts Agricultural College and was elected secretary of the Board of Trustees, a position he held for 22 years.  For four years he gave lectures at the college on dairy farming.  On the resignation of President Clark in 1879, Flint was elected president.  He resigned in the spring of 1880.

Flint was born in Middleton, Massachusetts, in 1824.  He worked his way through Harvard, graduating in 1849, taught for a short time, then returned to Harvard in 1850 to enter the Law School.  In 1853 Flint left his law practice to become secretary of the newly formed Massachusetts Board of Agriculture, remaining in that position for 27 years.  He had a part in the founding of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and was a member of the Boston School Committee.