Administration and Finance

Administration and Finance (A&F) supports the University’s mission of excellence, accessibility and affordability by understanding and serving the financial and administrative needs of the UMass community.  The A&F team’s primary goal is to ensure resources are being used in the most efficient and effective manner.

Leading the strategic review of key A&F processes to increase the availability of quality data, improve services and maximize resource efficiencies is a fundamental aspect of the A&F shared services model.

Through partnerships, the A&F team leads university-wide planning efforts and acts as the central liaison between the Board of Trustees and the campus A&F teams. A&F works closely with the Trustees on financial planning and forecasting, risk management and policy-making with the goal of preserving the University’s long-term stability. We support the preparation and dissemination of key financial and performance metrics that monitor progress toward our desired objectives.  Collectively, this data supports the creditworthiness of the University.

The Administration and Finance (A&F) team, which includes Treasury, Insurance and Operations, Budget and Planning, Controller’s Office, Enterprise Risk Management, Human Resources and the Unified Procurement Services Team (UPST), serves the financial and operational needs of the University.