Administration and Finance (A&F) supports the University’s mission of excellence, accessibility and affordability by understanding and serving the financial and administrative needs of the UMass community.  The A&F team’s primary goal is to ensure resources are being used in the most efficient and effective manner.

The A&F shared services model includes leading the strategic review of key A&F processes to increase the availability of quality data, improve services and maximize resource efficiencies.

Through partnerships with the Board of Trustees and campus A&F teams, the A&F team leads university-wide planning efforts. A&F works closely with the Trustees on financial planning and forecasting, risk management and policy-making. We support the preparation and dissemination of key financial and performance metrics that monitor progress toward our desired objectives.

The Administration and Finance (A&F) team, which includes Treasury, Innovation and Operational Services, Budget and Planning, Controller’s Office, Enterprise Risk Management, Human Resources and the Unified Procurement Services Team (UPST), serves the financial and operational needs of the University. 

For new hires seeking more information on the A&F departments, access the A&F Organizational Chart and Welcome Packet.

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Budget Office

The University Budget Office leads the development of the $3+ billion annual operating budget, the $3+ billion capital plan, and the 5-year financial forecast for the university. 

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Controller's Office

The University Controller’s Office is responsible for the financial records of the University, and for internal controls related to accounting and financial reporting. 

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Enterprise Risk Management Program

The University’s System-wide Enterprise Risk Management Program guides activities across the system to identify, assess and mitigate risks that may impact the University’s operations, finances, or reputation, impede strategic initiatives or adversely affect the health and safety of our campus communities.

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Human Resources

The University Human Resources Department works in collaboration with the campus Human Resources teams.  They develop and implement policies and practices across the full range of HR functions. 

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Innovation and Operational Services

The A&F Innovation and Operational Services Department works across all administration and finance functions to support innovation and operational improvements.  The team uses a combination of business analysis, project management, and technology to help A&F departments improve operations and implement new initiatives. 

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The University Payroll Office provides system-wide payroll information and services in collaboration with campus payroll departments.

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Treasurer's Office

The University Office of Treasury, Insurance and Operations strives to create efficient and effective financial solutions by partnering with the University community. The office provides comprehensive treasury services, including banking services, cash management and tax guidance, to all five campuses.

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Unified Procurement Services Team

The University Unified Procurement Services Team (UPST) provides procure-to-pay services to all campuses through 3 divisions: Procurement Operations, Strategic Procurement, and Service and Quality Assurance.