Centers and Institutes

Research and Engagement

The University supports campus-based research centers and institutes spanning a wide array of disciplines and specialties within and across our campuses. These interdisciplinary research organizations bring faculty and students together from across the university to pursue research, teaching, and service on broad scholarly and social topics. This cultivates a vital and vibrant culture of research, scholarship, and innovation that reflects:

  • the expertise of our faculty, staff, and students
  • the strength of our academic programs
  • and the needs of our region, the Commonwealth, and the global community

Each contributes in unique ways to expanding knowledge, generating new discoveries and impacting society.

Our research strengths align with national, state, and regional priorities including advanced materials and manufacturing; applied life sciences and health; data science and computational science; cognitive science; the arts and creative economy; energy, climate science, and sustainability; and equity and inclusion.

UMass has over 150 centers and institutes. For information about specific initiatives please follow these links.





Medical School

Prior to opening/reviewing/closing a center or institute:

  1. Contact your campus research office to follow campus procedure on center/institute process. Links are above. 
  2. Read and follow the process as outlined by the Board of Trustees' Policy on Centers and Institutes.
  3. After your campus has review/approved the new/reviewed/closed Center or Institute, complete the online form.
  4. Once the form has been submitted, email the chancellor's recommendation letter to Candyce Carragher.

If you would like more information or have any questions, please contact Candyce Carragher 617.287.5329.