Student Affairs

In Student Affairs, the role of AASAIR is to provide oversight, coordination and collaboration among our campuses. The goal of student affairs is to:

  • Maintain and improve affordability and access for Massachusetts’ students
  • Promote diversity as a high priority throughout the University
  • Provide positive and civil climates on each campus
  • Ensure a quality student experience both in and out of the classroom

At UMass, our students play an active role in university governance. On each campus, the student body elects the student member of the University’s Board of Trustees and the officers of its Student Government to represent the student voice to campus administration.

The student affairs leadership on each campus is entrusted with providing students with a safe, inclusive learning environment and delivers the essential services that ensure student success. Vice chancellors and deans of student affairs enforce the Student Codes of Conduct and oversee the campus and student policies that ensure academic discipline and public safety.

The vice chancellors for student affairs of each campus meet multiple times a year with AASAIR to hold working meetings as the Student Affairs Advisory Council (SAAC). The group meets to discuss areas of concern unique and common to all campuses.