Academic Affairs

The System Office’s role in academic affairs stresses oversight, coordination and collaboration to ensure a quality learning experience for students and excellence in research. Academic governance and academic policy are the primary focus of the System Office in academic matters.

The senior vice president reports to the Board of Trustees Committee on Academic and Student Affairs (CASA) on policy matters of personnel, tenure review, academic program development and review. The Board of Trustees is the lead governance body for the University of Massachusetts System.

Academic Program Review is an extensive process involving all levels of governance and policy on each campus in the system. The Office of Academic Affairs, Student Affairs and International Relations works closely with each campus to ensure that each new program in development adheres to Trustee Policy T92-012, follows a strict set of Program Approval Guidelines, and is prepared in a manner that is consistent with the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education program application requirements. Links to the Department of Higher Education Curriculum outlines and budget forms, among others, can be found on the Academic Policy page.

The chief academic officers of each campus make up the Academic Advisory Committee (AAC) and hold monthly working meetings with the senior vice president for the purpose of reviewing academic matters common and unique to all campuses.