Office of Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and International Relations

The Office of Academic Affairs, Student Affairs and International Relations, provides system-wide oversight and coordination to ensure the quality of the University’s students, faculty and programs. Academic assessment and accountability are core functions of our team.

In collaboration and cooperation with University faculty, administration, student governance, and state education agencies, the Office of AASAIR:

  • Promotes the highest quality of academic and student programs, research and outreach and the most effective use of resources
  • Reviews and evaluates proposed and existing programs to maintain the highest quality, ensure programmatic integrity, and avoid unnecessary duplication
  • Supports intercampus initiatives leveraging the talents and resources of the University for greatest quality, impact, visibility, and effectiveness
  • Supports international pathways that produce more globally competent graduates
  • Promotes global research for students and faculty by minimizing or removing impediments to international scholarship and research
  • Represents the interests of the University by serving as a point of engagement for external agencies and organizations (e.g. state and federal higher education agencies, private foundations, constituent and corporate stakeholders)
  • Advises the Committee on Academic and Student Affairs, the Board of Trustees, the President and the campuses on the formulation, interpretation, and implementation of policies related to faculty and students, research, academic programs and outreach