About the ICX Program

The University of Massachusetts is a collection of five highly ranked research universities: four undergraduate/graduate universities and a medical school. The UMass system has matured through the years and now enjoys joint programming, collaborative activity, and many common operations that connect our five campuses.

We have a track record of academic collaborations; examples include the Intercampus Graduate School of Marine Sciences, the MS/PhD in Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology, PhD in Nursing and dozens of individual faculty collaborations in teaching, research, and outreach.

Driven by the Covid-19 pandemic, a number of faculty requested intercampus course exchange be extended to a number of graduate and undergraduate courses. ICX is a response to that request. Each semester, certain courses will be selected at the department level on each campus and will be offered through the ICX so that UMass students on campuses other than the host campus will have the opportunity to enroll in the course.

When a student selects an ICX course, they will be notified that they must fill out the ICX registration form. The form must be signed by their advisor or graduate coordinator, by the department chair or appropriate person. The form goes to the host campus and is signed by the department chair and instructor of the course. If there are seats available, the student will be enrolled. A shadow course will be created on the student’s home campus allowing the credit to be added to the student’s transcript. The UMass registrars will ensure that proper credits are given to the student and that no charges incur from the host campus.

ICX Courses

Each course offered in the ICX program is available for campuses other than the host campus.  Not all courses are available for all other campuses however, so be sure to note if the course you are interested in is marked as available for your campus.

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Contact Us about ICX

All questions on the ICX program should be directed to the Senior Executive Associate, Candyce Carragher (ccarragher@umassp.edu).

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