Purchasing & Payment Services

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Requisitions (Purchase Orders)

Supports the purchase of good and services by the University stakeholders who leverage the various purchasing channels i.e. purchase orders, in alignment with the Board of Trustees Procurement Policy.

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Accounts Payable (AP)

Focuses on invoice processing and payment issuance to suppliers, foreign nationals, students, faculty, staff, human subject payments, and independent contractors.

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Strategic Sourcing

Supports analysis, research, bid execution, and negotiations with suppliers of goods and services needed by leveraging UMass' combined purchasing power to optimize costs and benefits. 

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Supports the process for negotiating and executing contracts with our supplier base after a successful strategic sourcing (bid) process or amendment of an existing contract to support purchasing transactions.

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Supplier Management

Supports the registration, development, and overall management of UMass suppliers/ partners, in addition to driving the UMass Supplier Diversity Program agenda.