University Initiatives


Cybersecurity and privacy have become critical issues in our information-driven and knowledge-based economy. In order to support all the industry sectors in the Commonwealth and the region to meet cybersecurity workforce needs, the University of Massachusetts, in collaboration with the Business Higher Education Forum (BHEF) has undertaken a workforce development plan. 

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Data Science

As a public research university with a statewide geographic presence, UMass is uniquely positioned to spur economic engagement and contribute to Big Data for solving problems in all economic sectors from agriculture and fisheries to manufacturing and health care. This report is organized around each campus’s Big Data activities, research centers, labs, and institutes, and highlights of faculty at work. An appendix lists all faculty by name along with their academic department affiliation and research focus area(s). 

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Efficiency & Effectiveness

In FY13, the University, through its Board of Trustees, created a permanent Task Force on Efficiencies and Effectiveness charged with ensuring that both taxpayer and student dollars are used in the most efficient and effective manner. The University understands that, along with fiscal responsibility, we must demonstrate that we are driving efficiencies and improving quality everywhere for our students. 

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In 2007, the University president and all five campus chancellors signed the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment. In so doing, the University committed to developing a plan for achieving carbon neutrality, taking concrete initial steps to achieve that, and publishing annual progress reports. 

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