UMASSNET is a statewide high capacity network that provides campus-to-campus and external ISP connectivity to the various UMass campuses and to their core service sites. The network consists of a 450 mile carrier class DWDM optical network integrated with Carrier Ethernet and dual core routing technologies. The network interconnects and provides transport services between the UMass campuses, the centralized data centers, and the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center (MGHPCC). Additionally, multi-connection ISP services, including connectivity to Internet 2 (I2), are also provided.

UMASSNET also provides similar services to many Massachusetts State and Community Colleges through its affiliation with the Massachusetts Information Turnpike Initiative (MITI).

The UMASSNET architecture was a University-wide initiative lead by the President’s Office and Amherst campus network teams. The President’s Office led the deployment and integration of the network and is now responsible for the continuous operation, maintenance, and growth of UMASSNET.


  • Dedicated multi-site data center interconnectivity
  • High capacity / high speed cross campus connectivity
  • Private transport connectivity to UMass data centers
  • Private / dedicated transport between campuses and MGHPCC
  • Multi-connection ISP services, including I2 connectivity


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