Travel Registry (Terra Dotta)

Travel Registry uses the Terra Dotta software for the registration of staff/faculty travel on University-affiliated business.  The software provides for travel approval, form collection/submission, traveler tracking, and communication.  In the event of an emergency the UMass System should be able to swiftly identify University personnel who may be impacted and reach out to impacted individuals via email and text messaging services.

UITS hosts and maintains the web-based application.  We provide assistance with site development, business process review, enhancing the use of new and existing application features, and interfacing with other UMass systems.


  • Electronic travel registration
  • Electronic document collection/submission
  • Efficiently manage travel warning and export control compliance
  • Swiftly identify University community members impacted by geographic emergencies
  • Amherst uses the software for travel authorization purposes
  • Email campaign messaging
  • Workflow management


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Chris Matera
January 17, 2020