The University uses Summit as its primary reporting system. This web-based system provides a full range of reporting and analysis tools, from interactive dashboards to ad hoc reports.  UITS provides campuses with application configuration and management support, job scheduling and execution management, and designated user support for the Summit Application. The team provides solutions at both the database level and reporting level including the modeling of physical and logical data structures. The team not only configures reporting data for University Shared Services but also offers these services for Campus-specific development. In addition, the Summit team provides change request support and migration and issue escalation as needed. Each Product Manager is responsible for communicating with the governance bodies and campus leads through a standard communication model.

Visit the Summit website for more details.


  • Flexible dashboards for day-to-day administration and finance management
  • Platform available for campus-specific reporting needs
  • All dashboards are iterative for "analysis at the speed of thought"
  • Ability to download to multiple Microsoft products


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