Student and Faculty Services

Document Imaging

UMass Boston, Dartmouth, and Lowell use ImageNow and WebNow by Lexmark Enterprise Software to scan or import documents electronically into a content management business workflow. This system allows efficient indexing of unstructured data to data in the ERP/SIS and to efficiently and quickly process information at hand.  This system ensures compliance and easy retrieval for vital university information.

Student Administration

Provide support and maintenance of Oracle Campus Solutions and integration with campus systems. Campus Solutions hosts student-related information, such as courses, grades, and financial information. This web-based system provides administrative management for academic offices as well as self-service features for students and faculty. 


Persona is an offline room locking software package used by the Lowell campus that interfaces with RMS data and a Lenel feed (Student access ID card data) from the campus. The application housed on the UITS server (with a local SQL Server database) is connected to several network devices at dormitories on the Lowell campus. These devices are used by students to program their room key cards based on information from the feeder systems. Once programmed, the key cards will open the doors to their rooms for the period of time they are assigned to them.


UMass Boston uses u.achieve to track a student's academic progress toward degree or certificate completion, providing a status report that analyzes your courses and credits and provides key information, such as courses in progress, current cumulative grade point average, and remaining course requirements.


UMass Boston, Dartmouth, and Lowell use the R25 system to handle room scheduling and event management software.  Resource25 includes the following applications:

  • R25 Client (on Campus 3rd Party desktop), which is a legacy R25 windows application.
  • R25/PeopleSoft Interface, which transfers data between PeopleSoft and R25
  • Web services API, which allows access to the R25 data via XML queries
  • The 25Live system, which handles event scheduling, resource management, and campus wide-calendaring.

Housing RMS

RMS is a dormitory management software package. The new generation of this application is called Mercury, which will eventually replace RMS. 

Student Reporting, Data Analytics & Architecture

UMass Boston, Dartmouth, and Lowell use the Oracle Business Intelligence as the primary reporting system.  This web-based system, branded within the University as Summit, provides a full range of reporting and analysis tools, from interactive dashboards to ad hoc queries.