24x7 Operations Center

The 24X7 Operations Center provides a real-time system, security and transaction level monitoring to ensure high service availability, optimal performance, and swift problem resolution. In addition to monitoring, we provide initial error assessments, validation to reduce false positives, escalation, and reporting. We will work with you to develop flexible action and incident plans to accommodate your needs and resources.


24x7 Event Monitoring and Management

  • 24x7 Staff: Monitor events and deploy resources, as needed.
  • Availability Management: Monitor the health of your web sites and applications, including content validation and complex user interaction.
  • Performance Management: Identify performance bottlenecks.
  • Operations Center Console: Event monitoring and management console that allows 24x7 Operations Center staff to receive, acknowledge, and process system, website, and security events.  

Operational Recovery

To assist with filtering false positives, the 24x7 Operations Center performs:

  • Validation and Initial Error Assessments: Verify downtime using customized alert based ops notes.
  • Advanced Runbook Services: Execute specific steps in line with established procedures to achieve reproduction or remediation of events.
  • On-Demand Support: 24x7 Operations Center staff validates the functionality and performance of a monitored site quickly and easily with a test on demand and produces a summary report of the results.
  • Incident Management: Defined process for logging, recording and assigning resolvers to monitored events.  


  • Flexible escalation times and concise procedures.
  • Documented Incident Response Plans: Detailed procedures for responding to monitored events.
  • Reliable notifications.


  • Quality Metrics:  Reports so you can view what’s being tracked in real time and determine root cause of ongoing issues.
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) metric reporting helps your team benchmark availability, uptime and performance and measure improvements.

Integration/Service Management

  • Integration: You may have a substantial investment in your monitoring infrastructure. If so, the 24x7 Operations Center may integrate with your monitoring tools.
  • Consultation: Following clearly outlined procedures and using helpful tools, our Operations Center Lead walks you through the process, which typically takes two to four weeks depending on your monitoring requirements.
  • Service Reviews:  Scheduled on a recurring basis to assess and review existing procedures and metrics.


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