Business Continuity Planning

The University of Massachusetts faces a variety of risks from disasters and events that can disrupt our teaching, research and public service mission. These risks can be wide in scope (ice & snow, wind damage, tornado, pandemic) or localized (fire in your building, loss of network capabilities, or even the failure of your hard drive). UMass is committed to the safety and protection of its employees, students, operations, research, teaching, public services, and facilities. In support of this commitment, the University has critical operations that must be performed, or rapidly and efficiently resumed in an emergency. Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning is an effort to ensure that essential functions of the University can continue across a wide range of potential emergencies.

As the central location for Shared Services, UITS maintains the President’s Office and UITS Base Plan as well as participates in combined Continuity and Disaster Recovery Committees.


President's Office

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Carol Walsh
March 09, 2018