About UITS

University Information Technology Services (UITS) is a department within the UMass System Office that supports a wide range of constituents, both at the campuses and the President’s Office. We are committed to providing high quality information technology service and leadership that enable the mission of the University of Massachusetts.  We work directly with staff at Amherst, Boston, Dartmouth, Lowell and the Medical School to deliver important services to the University’s students, faculty, and staff.  We are honored to be part of such a great collaboration.

Re-Inventing UITS

UITS is an organization in the process of reinventing itself. In today’s world Higher Education is undergoing massive change and the technology world has always been ever-changing. We are thus building an organization committed to driving change and one that can help transform how technology is used across the University of Massachusetts.  

Our aspirations include:

  • Prioritizing efficient and effective planning over being reactive
  • Strategically aligning our resources to support the mission of the University
  • Being seen by our partners and clients as highly influential, value-added and strategic
  • Our organization’s leaders being recognized and commended as being visionary, collaborative, inspiring and open
  • Defining success and our value through measurable goals that are tied to academic, administrative and research outcomes
  • Driving the usage of data as a strategic, system wide asset that is constituent and insight focused
  • Recruiting the very best for UMass and encourage learning and personal/professional development to thrive
  • Developing intolerance for inefficiency & unnecessary red tape
  • Cultivating an engaging and psychologically safe work environment where constructive debate and ideation are actively practiced
  • Shaping a culture of experimentation and continuous improvement where idea can be tested out early and often
  • Empowering our staff to make independent decisions