How to Request a Certificate of Insurance

Important Information

** The University's General Liability Insurance will renew on May 1. Certificates requested for events occurring on or after May 1 will be issued on May 1. **

Use this Request for University of Massachusetts Certificates of Insurance form to obtain a University Certificate of Insurance when an individual or organization with whom the University has entered into an agreement with requires proof of insurance.   UMass Certificates of Insurance should only be issued in connection with a written Agreement, Purchase Order, Contract, License, Permit, RFP, or other document which requires a certificate of insurance.  

A certificate of insurance should not be issued to a third party who may be working on University property.   If a third party vendor requires a certificate of insurance for work being done on University owned/leased property, please contact the Risk Management & Insurance Office.  

Certificates of Insurance should be requested by University employees/faculty/staff/students only and should be requested at least 10 business days prior to when a certificate is required by the certificate holder and/or the start date of your agreement.   The University cannot guarantee that a certificate will be issued in a timely manner if the request is sooner than 10 business days.  You will receive a completed certificate by way of email.  The identified certificate holder will receive a certificate by email if one is identified, and will otherwise be mailed.  

Certificate Holder/Agreement Information

The Certificate Holder will be the individual or organization with whom your department has an agreement that requires a University Certificate of Insurance.  In order to produce a certificate that meets the requirements of the party with whom the University has an agreement, carefully review the agreement and provide complete information about the Certificate Holder (name, address, contact person and email) and the insurance requirements (insurance type, agreement start and end date, whether the certificate holder or other entity must be named additional insured and any other special conditions) that must be met.

Additional Insured Status Requested By Way of Written Contract or Agreement:

Please note that additional insured status can only be granted by way of written contract or agreement.  Your agreement with the outside entity will state whether or not additional insured status is required by that entity.  Additional insured status is usually found within the insurance section of the agreement with the party requesting the certificate of insurance.  You will need to review your agreement before requesting additional insured status.

If you have any additional questions, email, or call (774) 455-7575.

Certificate of Insurance Request Form

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