How to File a Claim

General Overview

Please contact the University Treasurers Office, (774) 455-7575 or, on any claim for property damage or bodily injuries. Any accident no matter how big or small should be reported. After the report of a claim, the Treasurer’s Office will investigate the accident and determine if the University is negligent or not.

Please note that Campuses do not have the authority to make a payment without approval from the Treasurer’s Office.

  • In instances where the University is negligent, any reimbursement for injuries/property damage between the amounts of $0-$2,500, the Treasurer’s Office has the authority to settle these claims and authorize a campus to make a payment. This is granted under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 258. Once a campus is instructed to make a payment, checks are usually cut within 3-6 weeks by the campus.
  • In instances where the University is negligent, any reimbursement for injuries/property damage between the amounts of $2,500-$20,000 the Attorney General’s office will need to approve these claims. The Treasurer’s office investigates the claim and then submits letters to the AG asking for approval on the settlement. If approval is given, the Treasurer’s Office contacts the State Comptroller, and payment is processed. It usually takes 3-6 months to process a payment by the State Comptroller after AG approval. Based on the facts of the case, the Attorney General’s Office has the right to deny a settlement.
  • In instances where the University is negligent, any reimbursement for injuries/property damage over $20,000, approval by the Secretary of Finance or Governor’s Council is needed. Either party can approve the Treasurer’s Office recommendation of payment or deny payment and attempt to settle in suit. The Treasurer’s Office still investigates the claim fully. This process could take up to a year to receive approval and settle.

Before any payment is processed, the third party, either individual or insurance company, needs to submit appropriate documentation supporting their reimbursement amount. Once these documents are secured, a release is sent. The third party then needs to sign the waiver releasing the University from any future payment. Claims will not be approved by the Treasurer’s Office, Attorney General’s Office or State Comptroller, if a signed release and supporting documentation is not part of the claim package.

We recommend that all third parties go through their own insurance company due to the time it takes to process a signal payment and due to the legal waivers that need to be signed. If an insurance company or claimant does not agree with the University’s settlement offer, or the University and/or Attorney General denies a claim based on liability, the third party has the right to file presentment with the Attorney’s General’s Office.

The procedure for asserting claims against the Commonwealth is set forth in Mass. Gen. L. Ch. 258, section 4.

In the case of public institutions of higher education, the claim letter should be addressed to the Attorney General, One Ashburton Place, Boston, MA 02108.

All medical records and bills which a third party contends are related to the injury, and any other information in support of the claim should be part of the presentment package.

Copies of your correspondence to the Attorney General and any supporting information should also be forwarded to University of Massachusetts, Treasurer’s Office/ Attn: Insurance, 333 South Street, Suite 450, Shrewsbury, MA 01545-4176.

The Presentment procedures above should also be followed when a third party is seeking reimbursement for an amount greater than $2,500.

How to File an Automobile Loss Notice

How to File an Automobile Loss Notice

If you are driving a vehicle owned/leased by UMass (this includes automobiles, vans, trucks, heavy equipment, motorcycles etc.) and are involved in an accident, you should:

  • Contact the police department. File a police report.
  • Complete an Auto Loss Form and hit submit.
  • Forward any police reports and pictures of the related damage.
  • Let us know if there are any personal injuries.
  • Contact Josh Tucker for information regarding how to get the vehicle damage appraised.

For more information contact  the University Treasurer’s Office:

Phone: (774) 455-7575
Fax: (744) 455-7592

How to File a General Liability Form

How to File a General Liability Claim

The General Liability Claims and Incident Reporting Form should be used to report University related incidents involving bodily injury and/or property damage. This form is not intended for use in reaction to worker’s compensation, automotive, or employment related matters. For worker’s compensation and employment related matters contact your campus Human Resource office. For automotive related claims, see our Auto-related content in the Risk Management section or call (774) 455-7575. This form should only be filled out by an employee of the University.

*This form is for internal use only and is confidential.*

If you receive any correspondence from a party claiming or intending to make a claim against the University related to some past incident which resulted in bodily injury or property damage, please direct them to the Treasurer’s Office.

Please complete the General Liability Claims and Incident Reporting Form as soon as possible subsequent to an incident resulting in bodily injury and/or property damage to others. Complete the form including as much detail as possible. The form should be completed regardless of whether or not you expect a claim to be made or a police report to be filed. Completed forms should be sent to the Treasurer’s Office and your campus claims representative identified below.

Please remember this form should only be filled out by University Employees. This form is for Internal Use only and is Confidential.

The purpose of this reporting process is to allow for early identification and investigation of potential liabilities. As a result of completing this form you may be contacted by your campus representative, the University General Counsel’s Office or the University Treasurer’s Office for additional information. You should not discuss or provide any written information to anyone other than the above-mentioned offices or the police, and never admit or assign fault or liability.

Completing this form will also assist the University in identifying possible corrective action to avoid further incidents.

For More Information

Please contact  University Treasurer’s Office if you have any questions or need additional information.
Phone: (774) 455-7575
Fax: (774) 455-7592