PCI-DSS Training

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Thank you for participating in our annual PCI-DSS training. This training is designed to explain the basic principles of PCI-DSS Compliance and should be taken annually by all University staff that process, store, transmit, or report on credit cardholder data, including managers who have employees with direct access to credit card processing and data, as well as technical employees that are responsible for the set- up, monitoring, or security of websites or software/hardware equipment that involve the use of credit card payments. The material on this site will be updated as needed to conform to changes with PCI-DSS requirements.

Within the next few pages you may be asked to validate your understanding of the material provided by answering a few short questions. Please take a moment to read the response to ensure the best outcome of the training material.

Below you are being asked to indicate your role with PCI-DSS. This question is intended to allow the system to provide you with material that is most closely related to your daily duties.

Which best fits your role in relation to PCI-DSS?