AP Payment Operations

The University Treasurer’s Office is responsible for a variety of functions associated with payment processing to vendors, students, and employees.  Payments are processed according to the AP Pay Cycle Criteria and Calendar. The payment methods include Check, ACH (Paymode-X), and VISA credit card (ePayables).

Important:  These documents are for internal Campus AP processing only.


AP Pay Cycle Calendar

Requesting an AP Payment Cancellation

AP Payment Cancellation Request Form

AP Payment Cancellation Request Instructions

Student ACH Reversals

Complete the bottom section of the AP Student ACH Reversal Request Form and post it to Workspaces (Bursar’s Checks document library under the Student ACH Reversal Request filter).  Notify treasurer_payments@umassp.edu of the request using “AP Student ACH Reversal Request” in the subject line.

AP Student ACH Reversal Request Form

Requesting a Check Copy

To request a copy of a paid item, use the AP Payment Cancellation Request Form.  Select the “Check Copy” box in the Campus AP / Bursar section and complete Section A.  Email the completed form to treasurer_payments@umassp.edu.

Performer Withholding 1099 EFT Form

EFT – 1099 Performer Withholding Form    

Claim of Fraudulent Payment

Fraud Statement of Claimant Form

Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)

The University Treasurer’s Office complies with economic and trade sanctions issued by the U.S. Department of Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control.  Campus AP staff should not establish as a vendor any party listed on any sanctioned list.  The University Treasurer’s Office regularly confirms that active University vendors do not appear on any sanctioned lists.  Campus AP staff should contact Treasurer_Payments@umassp.edu for more information on the University OFAC process.

Disputed Party Resolution Form