Think Smart

Welcome to Think Smart, the University's grassroots Efficiency & Effectiveness campaign, where we solicit ideas from UMass Office of the President employees (we'll roll out the campaign to other Campuses in the future).

This online E&E idea submission form offers a platform to simply provide your economical idea(s). The appropriate E&E Task Force will review the submissions and investigate the most promising leads. The ideas that are implemented will be entered into the University's tracking database and reported on in future annual updates in the Efficiency & Effectiveness Report.

Think Smart serves as an example of the commitment to including every level of the University in the E&E effort.

Submit an Idea

Please fill out all fields to the best of your ability. If you have supporting documents, you can submit those to the Finance office after they contact you about your submission.

Please elaborate, if you desire, on soft benefits or savings, such as increased productivity or cost avoidance.