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Overview of Summit

Welcome to Summit, University of Massachusetts’ shared Analytics platform.  The main objective of Summit is to facilitate and promote data-centric decision making by:

  • Deploying solutions that transform raw data into actionable information;
  • Providing access to that information to decision makers;
  • Championing data governance across the university;
  • Supporting BI / Analytics community’s data and information needs.

Summit as a program is a tool independent and employs a variety of software solutions to accomplish the goals above.

The Summit platform includes the University's Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) which houses a vast amount of cleansed data optimized for reporting and analysis.  UMass’ standard BI tool, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) provides traditional BI reporting and analysis solutions and is the main repository for standard business rules.  Tableau is used where more specialized visualizations and interactive content is required.  Other BI and Analytics tools are supported as well.

This website provides a detailed description of Summit, the BI / Analytics Community, and information on how to utilize Summit to its fullest potential.