Nonresident Aliens

Nonresident Aliens should NOT use software designed for U.S citizens and Resident Aliens (e.g. TurboTax). If you incorrectly filed a Form 1040 to the IRS by using software like TurboTax, your tax form will not be correct and you will have to submit an amended tax return to the IRS.

To assist you with tax concerns, University of Massachusetts (UMass) is offering access to Sprintax, a web-based tax return preparation software that provides tax solutions that includes all fifty U.S. states, for international students, scholars, teachers, researchers, trainees and their dependents who are nonresident aliens for tax purposes in the United States. Sprintax will guide you through the tax preparation process, arrange the necessary documents and check if you’re due a tax refund. 

The cost for your federal income tax return filing is covered by UMass license. You must access Spritnax via the link on our website to benefit from this discount. There is a limited number of Sprintax licenses offered by UMass for each tax year. Please file as early as possible. Sprintax can do your state taxes as well for an additional fee (from $44.95 per state). Review the Access Sprintax Tax Preparation page for further information. 

Resident Aliens

Resident Aliens may use the Free File Software Lookup Tool listed on the IRS website to find out which software you can use for free.

(Login Required) General instructions for resident aliens who are claiming treaty benefits on Form 1040.