Inter-Campus Course Exchange Program

About the ICX Program

The University of Massachusetts is a collection of five highly ranked research universities:  four undergraduate/graduate universities and a medical school.  The UMass system has matured through the years and now enjoys joint programming, collaborative activity, and many common operations that connect our five campuses.

We have a track record of academic collaborations; examples include the Intercampus Graduate School of Marine Sciences, the MS/PhD in Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology, PhD in Nursing and dozens of individual faculty collaborations in teaching, research, and outreach. 

Driven by the Covid-19 pandemic, a number of faculty requested intercampus course exchange be extended to a number of graduate and undergraduate courses.  ICX is a response to that request.  Each semester, certain courses will be selected at the department level on each campus and will be offered through the ICX so that UMass students on campuses other than the host campus will have the opportunity to enroll in the course. 

When a student selects an ICX course, they will be notified that they must fill out the ICX registration form.  The form must be signed by their advisor or graduate coordinator, by the department chair or appropriate person.  The form goes to the host campus and is signed by the department chair and instructor of the course. If there are seats available, the student will be enrolled.  A shadow course will be created on the student’s home campus allowing the credit to be added to the student’s transcript.  The UMass registrars will ensure that proper credits are given to the student and that no charges incur from the host campus.

Spring 2022 Courses COMING SOON!

Course Title Schedule/Time Campus Class Career Subject Catalog # Section Course Description Enrollment Available Enrollment Capacity Instructor Name Modality Requirement
Adv. Italian Convers. & Comp. TTh, 02:00PM - 03:15PM UMass Lowell Undergraduate WLIT 3600 201
15 19 Viglione, Fabiana WLIT.2110 Pre-req
Advanced Forecasting TTh, 02:00PM - 03:15PM UMass Lowell Graduate ATMO 5290 201 This course builds on the student's basic understanding of storm systems and extends their theoretical knowledge to particular weather patterns. Topics include nowcasting, long-range forecasting, snow squalls, sea breeze, and especially deep convection. Particular attention is paid to the structure and development of supercells. Students will also be required to write a special report on a topic assigned by the professor, and present this in class as a special lecture.
6 9 Colby, Frank In-person/Hybrid depending on conditions
Advanced Foundation Engineering UMass Lowell Graduate CIVE 5330 201 The course addresses shallow and deep foundations, including settlements, bearing capacity, excavations, pile capacity, pile driving. and reliability.
16 25 John Christian Asynchronous Online instructor permission
Advanced Intervention: Collaborative Governance UMass Boston Graduate CONRES 626 01-OL This course applies the principles of mediation and other forms of intervention to a particular context. Each year, the specific course context changes. Possibilities include intervention in environmental disputes, family disputes, organizational disputes, or international disputes. Palihapitiya, Madhawa Asynchronous Online
Advanced Portuguese Conversation MW, 02:00PM - 03:15PM UMass Lowell Undergraduate WLPO 3450 201
18 19 Sousa, Frank WLPO.2130 Pre-req
Advanced Protein Chemistry  TH, 03:30PM - 06:20PM UMass Lowell Graduate CHEM 5700 30 Xu, Jin In-person/Hybrid depending on conditions
Advanced Statistical Methods T, 01:00PM - 03:45PM UMass Boston Graduate GERON GR 701 01 This course instructs students in advanced statistical topics and provides training in the use of corresponding computer methods. The course builds upon the statistical foundations established in prior introductory methods and statistical courses for use in the complex and specialized statistical research found in the social sciences. In addition to class time, this course requires independent work at the computer. Qian Song In-person/Hybrid depending on conditions GERON604 or similar Stats II classes
Advanced Thermodynamics MW, 03:30PM - 04:45PM UMass Lowell Graduate CHEN 5200 201 Classical and statistical thermodynamics are applied to develop procedures for obtaining estimates of equilibrium properties required for chemical process design.

Online: Echo360
18 24 Nese Orbey Online instructor permission
Aging and Society M, 07:00PM - 09:00PM UMass Boston Undergraduate GERON 342L 01 This course provides and overview of aging across the life course. Topics include the sociological components of aging from birth through childhood, young adulthood, adulthood, old age, and dying. Special emphasis is placed on the impact of gender, race, and social class on the aging process in the United States. GERON 342L and SOCIOL 342L are the same course. Online
Aging and Technology W, 07:00PM - 08:30PM UMass Boston Graduate GERON GR 636 01 This course is designed to familiarize students with the concepts of the development, management and use of technology in aging services as applied in primarily community-based home settings and senior residential environments (versus institutional settings). This course seeks to develop the critical thinking and strategic planning skills that are needed in today's rapidly changing elder and health care environments as technology is and will play an increasingly large role in how we provide, manage and evaluate aging services. Michael Banville Online

Contact Us about ICX

All questions on the ICX program should be directed to the Senior Executive Associate in the Office of Academic Affairs and Economic Development. 

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