Travel and Expense Technology Project

A cross-functional team completed a comprehensive assessment of the current UMass Business and Travel Expense function and services. Observations and recommendations were reviewed/discussed with the VCs of A&F throughout the assessment process. The project team will implement a modern, integrated, end-to-end technology for Travel & Expense.

Project Overview

Expected Project Benefits

Provides information on the expected benefits of the travel & expense technology benefits.

Estimated Project Timeline

Access the updated projected timeline for travel & expense technology implementation.

Procurement Updates

Provides information on current status and milestones of the procurement process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding the travel & expense initiative.

Project Team

UMPO Innovation/EST David Nero Jeff Gull Jason MacFadyen
UMPO Innovation Mike Greer Jacob Sturtz Mike Ricciardi
UPST Service & Quality Amanda Onwuka Claudia Cortes Ashley Hunter
UPST Operations Brian Girard Rob Hyde

Lori McKiel

T&E Manager (TBD)

UMPO Risk Management Christine Packard    
UITS Rick Cote Scott Szajna  
Amherst Frank Sousa Denise Storm Raymond Rex
Boston Patricia Overko Chris Giuliani

Rebecca Hansen

Caitlyn McGovern

Dartmouth Suzanne Audet Jillian George Dana DaCosta
Lowell Sharon-Anne Mapes Eileen Trott  
Chan Marcy Culverwell Jenn Robinson

Amy Miarecki

Bethanne Giehl

UMPO Controller Patrick Hitchcock    


For additional support, contact David Nero, if you have questions about the new travel & expense technology.