How to Insure Leased Vehicles

Prior to insuring a leased vehicle, the Treasurer's Office will need the following:

  1. An unstamped copy of the RMV1 to verify accuracy;
  2. A stamped copy of the RMV1;
  3. Executed lease agreement;
  4. A copy of the window sticker or bill of sale showing the car’s value;
  5. Department, which the car will belong to;
  6. The speed type and account number to charge the insurance premium to (hopefully one speedtype and account number per campus);
  7. Registration;
  8. Names, date of birth and license numbers of main drivers;
  9. Location of primary garaging—most likely the town of residence.

To register a vehicle:

The leasing company will need to get an insurance stamp to register the car. If the leasing company is part of the Drive Program, they can fax our insurance agent the registration and window sticker information. The insurance broker will stamp the registration and fax back to the dealer. They are all set to go to the registry.

If they are not on the Drive Program, they either need to mail or drive the registration to the insurance broker. A registration mailed to the insurance broker will be mailed back (be sure to ask them to overnight it back and give them the overnight mail address).

If the campus needs to register the vehicle, the department will need to get an insurance stamp on the RMV1 from our the insurance broker, and bring the stamped RMV1 to the registry.

Insurance Broker Contact Information

Patrick W. Tracy
Senior Vice President, Risk Management
USI Insurance Services
123 Interstate Drive, P.O. Box 3600
West Springfield, MA 01089-3600
Phone: (413) 750-4399
Fax: (610) 537-4162

Questions/Additional Information

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