Automobile Insurance Policy – Leased Vehicles

Before a vehicle is leased, the lease agreement must be approved and signed by the University Human Resources Office.

The University purchases Liability Insurance and Physical Damage Insurance (Collision and Comprehensive) for all leased vehicles. The title to a leased vehicle remains with the leasing company and, as a result, the University is required by the lessor to purchase insurance on the vehicle. When leasing a new vehicle, University departments should request that the University Human Resources Office add the leased vehicle to our existing policy. A yearly premium would be assessed to the department, and coverage would extend to anyone driving the vehicle with permission.

If you are driving a vehicle leased by UMass, and are involved in an accident, you should:
Contact the police department and file a police report.  You must also contact Kate Leahy at the University’s Human Resources Office.

The University Human Resources Office will coordinate the claim with our leased vehicle insurance carrier.
For more information contact Kate Leahy at the University Human Resources Office.

Phone: (774) 455-7616
Fax: (774) 455-7930


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