Peer Ambassadors (PA) Program

The Peer Ambassadors Program has three key goals:

  1. Help new employees feel welcomed and connected during their first day, first week and throughout their first 3 months on the job.
  2. Help new employees adjust to the University of Massachusetts culture and their new work environment.
  3. Enable new employees to be as productive and effective as they can be.

What Does a Peer Ambassador Do?

Share insights on how things are done here;

Involve new employees in social or informal activities, such as lunch, coffee, etc.;

Teach, tutor, and demonstrate to help new employees learn how we do things;

Explain how to use office equipment, obtain office supplies, make travel arrangements, ect.;

Socialize new employees on our guidelines, norms, and culture.

Who Can Be a Peer Ambassador?

Full-time departmental staff that have at least one year of service in their current departemnt can volunteer to participate in the PA Program.

How can I become a Peer Ambassador?

Complete these easy steps:

  1. Complete an application form
  2. Obtain manager's approval and signature
  3. If selected, attend training sessions (1-2 hours each quarter)

Where can I learn more?

Call HR: 774-455-7150

Email HR: